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Located conveniently at Shaw Tower, Anoivintl International strives to provide the best for its customers. Specializing in eyelash extension services, with many accolades and awards you can be assured that Anoivintl is able to provide the best service. Having had 9 years of experience in the industry, Anoivintl is highly professional and is able to suit the needs of the customers.

Work Experience

In the industry since 2009


πŸ†The Beauty Insider - Best Eyelash Extensions

πŸ†The Beauty Insider - Best Makeover Treatment

πŸ† Top Artist of Vanitee - Brow & Lash Category

πŸ† 1st runner up for Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Embroidery by International Permanent Academy

Graduated with Double Degree in Marketing & E-commerce from Australia


Cancellation Policy

Moderate: Full refund 72 hours prior to appointment.

Service Rules

Please be punctual. Appt considered cancelled if 15mins late.

* Housecall to be made 1 day in advance"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Brands of lashes use.
A: Korean & Taiwan mink lashes.

Q: How long can it last?
A: Usually 1month or 6 weeks. Depends on how you take care.

Q: Touch up fee
A: Within first 3 days of application should lashes drop, it's FOC. If touch up from natural to volume, a fee will be charged.

Q: Consultation for eyelash extension.
A: Yes we do consultation. Please make an appointment with us (:

Any questions, feel free to chat with me.

Anoiv International


Beach Road • Housecall (+$90.00)

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