Classic Gel Pedicure, Classic Gel Manicure

- Hirashini, 23 Aug 2018

Eyelash Extension

- Esther, 17 Aug 2018

Personal Makeup

- Shi Ning, 08 Jul 2018

Express Gel Manicure, Simple Nail Art 4 Fingers

- Jasmine, 08 Jun 2018

Moisturizing Facial

"The facial treatment was good, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the rooms being so accessible to other people and especially when other customers are male. I didn’t feel any privacy. Plus it was quite difficult to relax when I had to listen to the sales tactics to try to get me to take up their facial packages or add ons. Those can be improved, as we are no longer in an era where such sales pushing is effective to younger generations. Thank you."

- Bernice, 06 Jun 2018

Express Gel Manicure

- I.C.E., 11 May 2018

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