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Eyeliner Embroidery (Upper OR Lower)

Eyeliner Embroidery (Upper OR Lower)


Duration: 120 minutes

Our PROFESSIONAL and CAREFUL aestheticians are always equipped with STERILISED tools (fresh new tools for each customer) and SUPERIOR numbing cream.

Open the windows to your soul, DEFINE your eyes today! Just a thin layer of organic dye on your lash line is all you need.

Eyeliner embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup usually done either on the top of the upper eye line or outer half of the lower eye line to make the eyes look more defined, awake and refresh.

[email protected] takes consideration of your concerns, be it of skill, hygiene or pain. In fact, customers usually feel no pain or only a minimal level of discomfort!

Visit or call us at 98576877 to start your journey to beautiful bare eyes today!

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