10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down Before Your Wedding

Just changed your relationship status from “In a relationship” to “Engaged”? So, what’s next? A ton of things to do of course! Planning for your perfect wedding can take months, or even years depending on how fussy you are.

1. Don’t panic 

All new brides-to-be are going to be excited about the upcoming wedding, but give yourself time to cool down and rationalise your thoughts. Most importantly, set realistic goals and expectations and don’t get carried away planning for your big day!

2. Plan early

You can never go wrong with planning ahead. Give yourself plenty of time to think and sort things out before the actual day. Do extensive research and get tips from couples who have recently tied the knot. Early planning prevents last minute heart attacks and prevents disappointments.

3. Spend within your budget  

If you don’t know where you should start your planning, first set a budget and work around it. Discuss with your partner and sort out a comfortable range. It would be wise to spend within your budget instead of getting buried in debt right after the wedding, which can give both you and your partner unnecessary stress and interfere with the joy of being newlyweds!

4. Meditate

For those who can almost predict a bridezilla moment, consider taking up meditation. Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration and increase happiness. It allows people to take charge of their own nervous system and emotions – giving you better focus. With distractions out of the way, you will also feel more productive in planning for your big day.

5. Consider soft scents

Scents like lavender, chamomile, jasmine and basil have been proven to have relaxing benefits. Dab some essential oils onto your wrists to shift your mood quickly. Try scented candles or brew a cup of floral tea, they work just as well.

(Image from https://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Smells-Youre-Numb-Everyone-Else-Notices-35539942#photo-35579624)

6. Stay connected with your fiancé

Never bottle up your feelings and always share them with your fiancé. Tell him how you feel and the difficulties you are facing. Planning for a wedding should be the responsibility of not one but two people It can also be easy to lose touch with each other among all that busy planning, so take nights out or go for a date together, be it to the movies or just a simple dinner. Have some quality time together before continuing to weather the storms.

7. Run away 

No, don’t run away from your wedding. I mean, EXERCISE. Engaging in physical activities like jogging produces more endorphins which help reduce stress and anxiety. On top of that, it is also a great way to get your body gown-ready while increasing positive emotions.

8. Express your feelings

If there are personal thoughts that you don’t feel comfortable about sharing, write them down somewhere. Get a diary or just jot them down on a piece of paper. If you’re all about aesthetics, why not try your hand at watercolour calligraphy?

You can even engage in both watercolour painting and doing up your wedding invitations at the same time! Relieve your stress and get things done.

(Image from http://www.womangettingmarried.com/diy-wedding-invitation-templates/)

9. Don’t be afraid to delegate

Other than sharing the workload with your Fiance, don’t forget about your bridesmaids! Delegate tasks to your bridesmaids to lighten your burden. I mean, that’s what friends are for right? Engage them to help with the wedding invitations, props, plan for gatecrashing, or run simple errands for you. In return, do the same for them when their turn comes around! Nothing to lose.

10.Pamper yourself

Manage your stress level with facials, massage or even a manicure.You can only think better and work better when you are relaxed. So just indulge and relax your mind and soul. Pamper yourself with the best artists in Singapore, we have some recommendations for you:



 Flare Wellness (@flarewellness on Vanitee)

Check out their Vitamin C Bio Brightening Facial which comes with a free aromatic foot soak! It revitalises saggy and dull skin due to environmental stress. The powerful vitamin C essence helps firm, lift and brighten your skin. It also exfoliates layers of skin, lightening scars and pigmentation. Its anti-ageing ingredient will help you re-energise your skin. With multiple good reviews on their profile, it surely is one of the best places to go for a relaxing facial.

Shu Yin: (5 / 5)

”Thoroughly enjoyed my session with Sharifah. My skin looks radiant after her session, will definitely recommend her service to friends! Worth a repeated visit.”


Earth Spa Inc Pte Ltd (@earthspa on Vanitee)

For a calming massage, try their 60 min Full Body Massage. Rest assured you will leave the salon feeling refresh and ready to continue your race to the finish line. Massage helps relieve anxiety, eases muscle pain and headaches. It also improves sleep and reduces insomnia due to stress.

Shona: (5 / 5)

”Extremely impressed. Personally very very fussy and particular about my massage. I requested for a dry massage as skin cannot take oils.

My therapist was GIGI. Her massage technique, skills are all SPOT ON for me. I dare say it’s one of my best massage experiences in Singapore. “


Berry’s House (@berryshouse on Vanitee)

After you are done with your face and body, pamper your nails too. Get your nails cleaned up with one of our top artist of 14 years experience. She provides classic gel manicure for just $30. Just look at the review below from one of her satisfied customer. Beautify your nails by her to complete your looks and get ready to fight till the end!

Janice: (5 / 5)

”Brenda was very patient and meticulous. Extremely satisfied with the end result! “

Stay calm and venture forth with planning your big day by finding these artists on Vanitee now to book their services!

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