11.11 Deals To Pamper Yourself With!

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11.11, also known as ‘Singles’ Day’ is coming up this Saturday! Whether you’re a single pringle or heads over heels in love, Vanitee has come up with a list of good deals for you! Use the code <1111OFF> to get $11.11 off any offer prices. Promotion is valid on 11 Nov 2017, from 11AM – 11PM. Book to your heart’s content!


Done by: @theyueqi on Vanitee

If you’re looking for a MUA for your PWS, look no further! Rated 4.8 stars on Vanitee, you will definitely be in safe hands with @theyueqi. Just look at her makeup skills for both the gorgeous brides above – with deft strokes of her makeup brush, she can capture the essence of your wedding in its entirety and help you to look your best on your special day!

Shronn: (5 / 5)

I love how she curled and braided my hair! Yueqi is able to accomodate to the style to match your day’s theme or outfit! Give her ideas in advance for her to brainstorm and it’ll be awesome! Best thing is, she’s gentle so you’ll be in safe hands!

Kelisa: (5 / 5)

Friendly and caring. Will make me feel comfortable before doing hair and makeup. Really professional and knows her stuff well.

Hurry, because this deal ends in 11 days – you don’t want to miss out on a good deal!


Koreans have definitely got the market cornered when it comes to looking 아름다운 (Korean for beautiful). With their lightly dusted makeup and near-perfect skills, they are a sight to behold even on a normal day. If you choose to emulate the K-beauty look on your wedding day, you can rest assured that you will be the star of the show!

For a semi-permanent look (if you want it to last from PWS to ROM to the dinner itself), opt for Korean eyebrow embroidery by @princessweddingservices!


Done by: @princessweddingservices on Vanitee

Valerie: (5 / 5)

I really like the simple makeup and hairdo. Jerlyn was very friendly and the whole process was less than an hour as I was in a rush. The false eyelashes were a bit uncomfortable at first but she adjusted until everything was perfect. Thank you for your services, will definitely return for future events!

Jing Xuan: (5 / 5)

The brow lasted very well and looked natural. Thank you!

Originally $438, the service can be purchased at $368 for the next 34 days. Get your brows done now!

With eyebrow embroidery, one must not forget about the lashes! Opt for a natural-looking lash extentions with @dinky on Vanitee today! Natural extensions are the absolute go-to for when you want some enhancement but don’t want to look overly made-up.


Done by: @dinky on Vanitee

Carol: (5 / 5)

Super natural and nice!

Save $18 when you purchase this offer in the next 22 days!

What is a lady without her signature nails? Get your manicure AND pedicure done at @joynailz for just $60! A gel pedicure is not to be scoffed at – it can withstand even the roughest situations you put your feet through! (Read: playing at the beach, dancing in the club etc) Worry no more about chipped nails!


Done by: @joynailz on Vanitee

Janet: (5 / 5)

Meticulous & friendly nail artist 🙂 Attentive to details as well, thanks for making this a great experience!

Li: (5 / 5)

Love the nail design done by her. She’s a nice and friendly person. Able to provide good advice to keep my nail designs lasting. Will come back next time for her nail design.

The offer is ending in 22 days – do not hesitate any longer!


Colour + Cut + Treatment all at just $138? This is a definite steal for anyone who is looking to change up their style! The hairstylists at @nwavehairstudio are incredibly talented and your locks of hair will look even more luscious when you’re done with the treatment.


Done by: @nwavehairstudio on Vanitee

FL: (5 / 5)

Candy was nice and approachable. Hair treatment done by Nick felt like my hair was getting a massage. Can tell they are very popular with a lot of regulars coming in. Great value for long hair!

Elizabeth: (5 / 5)

Was pleased with the service and advice given by Nick on hair care. Thank you for trimming my hair back into good shape according to how I want it!

This promotion ends in 22 days – what are you waiting for?

Tired of waking up in the morning and having to rush your makeup? Why not opt for semi-permanent BB cream treatment by @starrybeaute!


Done by: @starrybeaute on Vanitee

You can purchase this semi-permanent bb cream  treatment at just $350 for another 53 days – think about the number of expensive foundations + time you can save on :’-) The treatment has received countless of glowing reviews from satisfied customers as well.

Janis: (5 / 5)

My 2nd treatment. Never disappointed me, my pores are getting more refined. Looking forward to third treatment soon.

Audrey: (5 / 5)

Able to experience finer pores and overall balanced skin tone improvement. Treatment was painless.


There are 44 offers in total this 11.11 – the six listed here are but a small handful! Use the promo code <1111OFF> to get $11.11 off all your services. Terms & Conditions apply:

  1. This promo code entitles you to $11.11 off offers booked on Vanitee.
  2. Promo code is valid for all customers.
  3. Promo code is valid till 11 November 2017 23:55.
  4. Minimum spending of $50 per offer is required to use the promo code.
  5. Promo code is valid only for successful bookings on Vanitee.
  6. Promo code is non-refundable, transferable and/or exchangeable for cash or in kind.
  7. Vanitee reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice



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