2018 Hair Trends That You Need To Try


The year 2018 brings new hair trends waiting to be experimented with. From low maintenance hairstyles, cream soda blondes to modern bobs, here are the 2018 hair trends that you need to know.

No-fuss locks


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Done by: 2NE Studio

Many women are longing for long and silky locks that flows with their natural curls, and industry professionals believe that the wash-and-go style will be big this year.

So time to put down your hair straighteners and curling wands and make an appointment with 2NE Studio! Their services will help you achieve the fuss-free, effortless flowing locks that you’ve always wanted.

Bobs and fringes


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Done by: 2NE Studio

In 2018, the answer to the age-old question, ‘Should I get a bob?’ is a yes. You’ll be surprised to find that the look is actually very wearable, even if you have a round face – just avoid a blunt block fringe!

If you’re adventurous, go ahead and bring it up to ear-length, but we also love the classic chin-grazing bob. Keep your fringe on the longer side and go a little wispy – you’ll find that it makes having bangs a less stressful affair!

Cream soda blonde


Seen on Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora and Selena Gomez, cream soda blonde will continue to be an A-list trend. Always wanted to go blonde but held back because of the obvious roots that would show?

This trend keeps your roots dark so it’s not only easier on your scalp, but you can also go longer without root touch ups. Talk about a win-win situation. Are you convinced yet? The dedicated stylists at 123hair art will help you achieve the perfect multidimensional shade.

Silver hair


Last year was the year of pastels and grey hair, but in 2018 it’s all about making it classier. With a metallic sheen and finish, silver hair is a notch up from matte grey. Not to mention, metallics are all the rage lately, starting from makeup to clothes and now to hair. In 2018, be the center of attention with shiny silver hair!

Korean perm


The hair perm trend for 2018 can be described as hippie-ish with its crumpled, instant noodles-like curls. Seen on the runway at Seoul Fashion Week and on female celebs such as Sulli, the curls give off a carefree, innocent, youthful and vibrant vibe.

If you’re up to change your looks, there’s nowhere better to get a Korea Perm than at Yong Hair Beauty Gallery.


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