3 3CE Looks We Love

3CE, or 3 Concept Eyes, is one of the most highly raved about Korean makeup brand on the internet, and it isn’t hard to see why. As part of the Stylenanda brand, 3CE is known for their beautiful packaging and their wide range of products, everything from compact cushions, nail polish, moisturizers to hair tints.


Their ingenious makeup creations using a colourful, warm palette of oranges, pinks and golds are also the reason why they have such a big following. From innovative shades of eyeshadow to illuminated skin, let’s take a look at some of our favourite 3CE looks!

Glass Skin


The latest K-beauty trend, glass skin is when your skin is so clear, even and plumped up with hydration that it’s seemingly transparent, almost like a shard of glass. We love that this trend is really more skincare than makeup, with just a touch of foundation or tinted moisturizer and cream or liquid highlighter. However, emulating the glass skin trend might be tricky here in Singapore where the humidity is sky high.

Fret not, for that’s why we have professionals! Specializing in natural looks, ShuzenMoy Makeup & Hairstyling Studio will help you achieve the dewy, ethereal look that will not only stand up to Singapore’s weather, but make you the center of attention. Make your appointment here!

Coral pink lips


Blending pink and orange, no other colour looks as flattering on Asian skin than coral pinks. It doesn’t matter if you’re fair or tanned, there is a perfect coral shade for you. We love how 3CE has paired the bright coral pink lips with muted eyes and orange cheeks!

Done by: Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

Don’t know what shade would flatter your skin tone most? You can trust that you’re in good hands with Yue Qi Makeup Artistry. With her keen eye for colours and background with Make Up For Ever Academy, Yue Qi will be able to help you to achieve not only the look you desire, but possibly even more. Make your appointment here.

Warm sultry eyes


Ah, the sultry, emotive warm-toned eyes. In my opinion, nobody does it better than 3CE. It’s a look that’s suitable for pretty much every occasion. Wear it to work, to your school gathering, for a date, or some drinks with the girls… This is a look that will take you from the office to a night out in the city.

Done by: Aulifo Libli

Yes, yes. We know that Korean and Japanese makeup have very different styles. Even though Aulifo Libli works with professional Japanese techniques, they bring an ethereal touch to their makeup looks that is similar to what 3CE does. And we’re really digging it. Make your appointment here!

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