3 Easy Homemade Face and Body Scrubs

Ever walked past someone with show-stopping skin? I’m talking, skin so smooth that it actually glows when light hits at just the right angle? Getting there’s a long process that involves a variety of habits, but there is one step you could start taking that won’t add hassle to your routine though – all hail, exfoliation!

Exfoliation’s all about getting rid of the barrier of dead skin on your body and it can exemplify the advantages of all your other routines, helping the nutrients in your soaps and moisturizers get absorbed easier. That, my friends, is why you need to scrub once to thrice a week; though, that’s no excuse to spend $50 buying a scrub.

Homemade scrubs are the perfect way to make sure you’re getting the perfect balance of everything that you need and want, with all of your skin’s needs considered. Here are recipes to 3 of the easiest, most pampering homemade scrubs that you too can make. Feel free to switch them up however you like; there are no rules here!

Just remember this: sugar’s good for sensitive skin, while salt is anti-inflammatory and a better exfoliant because of its sharper edges. Stick to a larger percentage of the sweet stuff for facial use.

A Coffee/Tea Scrub


Applying caffeine in coffee or tea scrubs topically can be especially invigorating for your body and face, leaving you looking refreshed by scraping away all of that dead skin and eliminating excess oils. This scrub can also help smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Try whisking these ingredients together and storing them in a mason jar for the most refreshing shower time.

½ a cup of brown sugar

½ a cup of ground coffee/tea leaves of your choise

¼ a cup of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon for an extra punch of fragrance

Great for use on your face and your body. Throw in a couple of vanilla seeds if you like!

Vanilla Rose Scrub


This scrub is perfect for the end of a tiring week. When your tired body needs to be pampered and lulled in time a good night’s rest, this scrub will carry you home. It’ll also do wonders for any dry skin!

This scrub makes use of essential oils, but if you don’t have those, rose petals will do the trick!

1 cup of granulated sugar

½ cup of almond or coconut oil

1 vanilla bean

Rose essential oils to taste/smell

A teaspoon of Vitamin E oil or lotion (Optional)

Make a slice down your vanilla bean, and mix only the seeds into your scrub concoction. It just gets better, Vitamin E’s been known to turn back time and make those age lines disappear.

Ginger and Coconut Oil Scrub

The ingredients in this scrub are nature’s most reputable miracle healers for skin. The antioxidant properties in ginger are known most to improve the elasticity of your skin, and to smoothen your skin tone.


½ cup coconut oil

1 tablespoon of ginger, coarsely chopped

¾ cup sugar

¼ salt (Kosher, Pink Himalayan are great choices!)

1-4 drops of essential oil

For this scrub, heat up the ginger and coconut oil on low heat in a saucepan to milk the essence and fragrance of that ginger. Following that, wait for your concoction to cool down to room temperature, discard the ginger pieces, and then mix the rest of your ingredients in!

If you’re looking for a more gritty scrub, squeeze some lime into the mix, and substitute the sugar in this scrub for salt.

While these may sound enticing, you may still be clueless on what to do for your skin, or maybe you just. Wash your worries away in the hands of these specialists who’ll definitely do you well.

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