3 New Pantone Oranges For Your Nails

Pantone Orange Nails

This week and for the first time in three years, the Pantone Color Institute has added 210 new shades to its 2,000+ portfolio. The trend-spotting bureau is a compass for beauty & fashion brands everywhere – and they are surely surveying the catalog right this second.

The firm now bet on healthy colors with a special focus on orange tones with intriguing names such as dragon fire, aura orange and mango mojito. Which is which is still shrouded in mystery, since only an overview has been made available to the public. But you must as well get ready for the orange brick road!


Pantone’s new colors are here. From the left: Peach Quartz, Peach Echo and Papaya.


An overview of the new Pantone orange family. (Photo by Pantone)

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