3 Summer Looks You Can Try

Spring is upon us, and this season of new beginnings calls for your face to liven up, along with the moods and the malls. Here’s some inspiration before you go full swing into planning your makeup and outfits for the season (or not). And if makeup isn’t your strong suit, here are some simple looks from Fashion Week 2018 that you can fall back on so you can rock that springtime jazz.

Peachy Subtlety

This looked is an absolute stunner, involving simple, brushed up brows and flushed, peach lips.


To achieve this look, use brow gel or mascara to gently brush your brows diagonally upward. Trim to make sure they’re at an even length, and use a lip tint that’s a light, peachy pink. If you want to embellish the look a little further, brush your lips with a peach gloss and line your waterline with white eyeliner. It couldn’t hurt to highlight the inner corners of your eyes with white eyeshadow!

Sandy and Smoky

Perfect for the nude loving gal, this get up makes use of the perfect blend of orange and nude such that you will not end up looking malnourished if orange doesn’t sit well with our skin tone.


To achieve this look, go with a minimal base and luminous setting powder. Go light on your brows, filling them in only if you need to. Brush them in place for a clean, placed look. Then, use an orange-tinted nude shade on the top of your eyelids, and on your lips. Go over with a light, bronzy-gold shimmer for that stunning Saharan glow. For blush or bronzer, aim for an amount that’s barely there, just enough to accentuate your cheekbones.

Spring Wings

Conveniently bold, and crisp nonetheless. This coloured wing look might just be your gateway into finally pulling off bold eyeliner.


While this lilac look is absolutely flawless, there’s no harm in wanting to diversify your palette instead. In an ode to spring, think pastels, warm light peaches and pinks. With eyeshadow or eyeliner, draw an eyeliner wing, then filling in your lid and connecting it to the tip of the wing in clean strokes. Better yet, use a stencil!

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