3 Types of Aurora Flake Nails You Should Try

NEW IN FROM JAPAN – Aurora Flake Nails!

Officially launched in June 2017, Aurora Flake is a beautiful iridescent flake that colour shifts shades of rainbow colours. The luminous flakes create a mesmerising effect that changes in different angles. Try it over a light or dark base colours for different looks!




Eloise (@ellynail on Vanitee)

When these gorgeous flakes are applied over a white or light base, the colour shifts between a variety of spectrum. Try combining this effect with the trendy Mermaid Seashell Nails for a complete look! Constantly importing the latest products from Japan, check out ellynail’s creation. Catch her ongoing promotion here with Aurora Flake nails going for just $50 (U.P $70). T&C applies.


Done by: @ellynail


Want to look mysterious? Apply the flakes over dark colours to give off a metallic galaxy look. Check out the different variations created by the artists on Vanitee.


Wen Yu (@wynails on Vanitee)

Armed with the full set, check out their collection and be spoilt for choice! For a limited time period, click here to get the Aurora Flake set at only $40 (U.P $55). T&C applies.

Done by: @wynails



Melissa (@melvividnails on Vanitee)

Rock on with this rock star version completed with chains and metallic polish.

Done by: Melvividnails


Mix and match different combinations to suit your style. Get professional advice from experts on Vanitee now!

. オーロラフレークの使用手順をご紹介♡ ①キャンジェルで全体をコートし硬化します。 ②表面に未硬化ジェルが残っていないか確認し、オーロラフレークをやさしく擦りながらのせていきます。 ③オーロラフレークを表面全体にしっかりなじませます。 ④グロッシートップを塗布し硬化します。 ⑤拭き取れば完成♪ . . 簡単可愛い夏ネイルが オーロラフレーク1つで完成しちゃいます👍✨ ぜひお試しください(*´꒳`*)゚*.・ . . ※オーロラフレークはPREANFA商品となります。 . #ネイル#nail#ネイルアート#PREGEL #プリジェル#ジェルネイル #ネイルアートデザイン#gelnails#gelnaildesign #nailart #art #美甲 #可愛い #kawaii #オーロラネイル #ミラーネイル #ミラーパウダー #linergel #artgel #大人ネイル #プリアンファ #プリアンファオーロラフレーク #instanail #fashionnails #オーロラフレーク #instanails #instagood

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