3 types of nail art to go with Mirror nails!

If you don’t like your nail art on 10 fingers to be the same, you came to the right place!


We have curated 3 nail designs from our manicurists on the Vanitee app to go with mirror nails!

1. The Pearl Effect + Marble

Slack for iOS Upload-15.png

The not-so-metalic look which has a pearly chrome effect matched with marble nail art!

By: Patricia @nailzcouture

Book @nailzcouture on Vanitee now, and see more of her works here: https://nailzcouture.vanitee.com/

2. Floral + Pink Chrome

Slack for iOS Upload-17.png

Floral AND Chrome nails. The best of both worlds. These 2 nail art surprisingly turned out really well together!

By: Jiahui @deliciousnails

Book @deliciousnails on Vanitee now, and see more of her works here: https://deliciousnails.vanitee.com/

3. Mirror + Swarovski Crystals

Slack for iOS Upload-20.png

Mirror nails are all about that bling and shine. But some people either go bling or go home. So don’t be afraid and add some Swarovski crystals to shine bright like a diamond!

By: Sandar @thenaildream

Book @thenaildream on Vanitee now, and see more of her works here: https://thenaildream.vanitee.com/

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Photo Credit: https://www.lacunasales.com.au/products/nail-polish-base-coat-mirror-effect-2-pcs-set?variant=30179814413

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