3 Ways To Get Rid Of Water Weight, Quick

Water retention can come with a tsunami of feelings, from wondering why your jeans are a tad tighter today to asking a friend if she thinks you look chubbier to have her say no.

Whether you’ve got a big, glamorous day coming or you’ve just been feeling bloated lately, getting rid of excess water weight can make a massive difference to your appearance, especially if you’re seeing differences in water weight so extreme that your watch is tighter by the end of the day.

If your water weight issues are because of pregnancy, thyroid, or other medical conditions, it’s best to consult your physician, before proceeding.

By Drinking More Water


Oddly enough, having a well-hydrated body can go a long way in decreasing water retention. Your body strives continuously to accomplish balance with numerous aspects, from joint lubrication to toxin reduction. Because of this, being dehydrated means your body will hold on to more water to keep your body’s internal functions intact.

More than its short-term impacts, drinking more water also helps your body metabolize and get rid of fat much faster! With that said, drinking too much water can also lead to excessive water retention. If you’re not too sure whether you’re getting it right or wrong, just tread on the safer side by drinking water whenever you’re thirsty, instead of opting for other drinks to combat the thirst instead.

Grabbing a diuretic, coffee or tea fix can also help, without dehydrating you. According to doctors, it’s good to make sure that your urine is close to transparent.

Cut Down On The Salt


Sodium, which you get from the salt in your foods everyday, plays a key role in regulating your hydration levels. Having a high-sodium diet leads to an overperforming of its functions – that means your body’s going to be clinging on to excess water that you don’t need. It’s also a few days of eating your favorite hawker dishes leave you feeling more bloated than you usually do after meals.

On days that you’ve had a sodium-laden meal, keep it in mind to drink more water, so as to aide your body with its filtration processes.

Ease Up On The Carbs

Cutting on carbs is extremely effective when it comes to having the excess water weight disappear! When you consume carbs, they’re stored near your muscles in the form of glycogen, which stores water alongside it. For every one unit of glycogen that your body stores, it also stores about 3 to 4 units of water, explaining why a low-carb diet results in massive weight reduction for some.

To add to that, a lower-carb diet can prompt a plummet in insulin levels, which can lead to a loss of sodium and water from your kidneys. This doesn’t mean you get to let up on a healthy diet though. Anything less than what your body needs will make it cling on to the glycogen and water that you already have. As a rule of thumb, experiment with varying amounts of carbohydrate intake and observe what works best for you.

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