3 Ways To Keep Your Skin Clear During Your Period



Riding the crimson waves can leave your skin looking like a shipwreck by your standards. It only gets worse: if you’ve got naturally smooth, oil-free skin, your periods can serve as big red alerts to everyone around you that it’s your time of the month.

Your skin is changing throughout your cycle (the whole month), and is most visible near your period when some of your hormones surge. This results in a disruption of your body’s regulatory balance of progesterone, estrogen and androgens, the reason why women with acne issues are put on birth control (hormone regulation).

When your hormones turn nutty, your skin produces more oil and becomes more sensitive, ultimately contributing to what you know as your period breakouts. While you can’t nip this zit at it’s true bud (and surely, don’t pop them) you can practice avoidance. Here are some ways that you can do so.

Swap Out That Moisturizer


Take note of how far before your period you start breaking out, and swap your oil-based moisturisers out for lighter, water-based ones. If you’re not sure when this is, a good gage is roughly a week before the date that your period falls on. The reason why you start breaking out during this time is because your body’s seeing a surge of progesterone, post-ovulation, causing excess sebum and oil production. Not only will this help keep clogged pores away, you’ll also need to spend a lot less on oil-blotting sheets.

Prepare Your Acne Fight Squad!


If you really can’t seem to avoid a breakout, the least you can do is to not exacerbate an already-existing one. Make sure your cleansing routine happens twice a day, and stock up on those oxy benzoyl peroxide creams or tea tree oil products. These help fight off the bacteria on your skin, also reducing fatty acids that get your pores worked up!

It’s no doubt that your skin’s really heaty now as well, so think cooling mechanisms! Make sure you’re drinking more water than you usually do, and try your hand at some cooling, topical treatments. A thin layer of aloe vera gel might just do the trick!

Eat Properly!


A pinch is definitely going to hurt a lot more when you’re on your period. Likewise with your skin’s chemical reactions. Heaty food and food that typically agitates your skin will only materialize in manners that are significantly worse when you’re on your period.

As much as you think that fudgy chocolate cake or a piece of durian could make your period moods feel better, they’ll only contribute to higher heat levels internally, which your body will try to counter by releasing excess oils.

Instead, use sources high vitamins and nutrition instead; like fruit juices, yogurt, almonds, milk and salmon as chow instead.

If you’re not really up to switching up your routines and you don’t exactly want to hold off a fantastic excuse to binge-eat, you can consider some facials to make sure your pores are all cleaned out before your period.

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