3 Ways to Look More Awake in the Morning

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It’s the morning again. Whether you having a regular work day later, or an important date that you must dress to impress, it would be nice to wake up looking good and radiant. This may seem like an impossible feat, especially since your hair, face and body were not taken care of for 8 hours. While we cannot promise instant results, you can still show the best of yourself through these 3 life-saving methods:

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1. Lash Regrowth

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Nothing beats having naturally long and luscious lashes without having to do anything.

Lash regrowth is a procedure where eyelash growth solution is used to promote growth of lashes for beauties who suffer from having eyelashes that are short and sparse.

Having naturally long and luscious lashes also mean that you get to skip mascara in the morning, making your makeup routine much more simpler and faster! Fastest results can be seen in 1 week after treatment, or up to 30 days depending on each individual.

All it takes is one trip to sparklegaze to get naturally long and thick lashes! Currently on offer at $99 (usual $148) until 21st June. T&C applies.

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2. Invisible Eyeliner

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Invisible eyeliner is a technique to naturally enhance your eyes to look bigger through semi-permanent makeup using natural plant colour products. Having invisible eyeliner saves time on daily makeup, and can lasts up to 2 – 3 years.

The process is surprisingly painless thanks to the ample amount of numbing cream used and you can always request the beautician to draw your eyeliner the way you want it to be.

Head down to whitehouse to grab 50% off offer now at $100 (usual $200) while it lasts till 30th July. T&C applies

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3. Bio Eye Treatment

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Puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles – they are often outcome of our busy work pace and stressful environments. They make us look more worn out and tired than we actually are and are surely undesirable in our lives.

While it cannot be helped that they form naturally due to our hectic lifestyle, we can definitely reduce their appearance through dedicated care and treatment.

Ubeau is currently offering Bio eye treatment is a 30 minute facial treatment that also includes cleansing and massage at $28 (usual $68) till 24th June. Grab yours now! T&C applies

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Waking up has never felt so beautiful. Try these out and tell us your experience on the comment section below.


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