4 Cooling Facials for Singapore’s Humid Weather

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Sunny Singapore is well-known to be hot and wet throughout the year  – not only do our hair gets oily, our skin also becomes greasy easily as well. I bet many of us have already went through sheets after sheets of oil blotting paper and they never seem to be enough. While facial treatments cannot guarantee how much sweat they can control, they can definitely change how your skin feels in our overbearingly hot and humid weather:

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(Photos from: Skininc’s website)

I’m sure we’ve all heard of this famous skincare brand before. Skininc caters to all types of skin problems, including dehydrated skin types.

Exposure to the sun can cause dehydration and blemishes on the skin. This calming and soothing treatment has been especially designed for sensitive, dehydrated and blemished skin using miraculous skin-nourishing Onsen thermal water from Japan.

Start with a mist of Onsen thermal water that cools, calms and moisturizes your skin instantly and repairs the natural moisture barrier @$188 now!

Singapore’s weather can be extremely unforgiving to our skin, especially with its long sun hours and intensity. Our skin becomes severely dehydrated and the lack of oxygen is the reason why our skin no longer have that youthful glow.

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Inclusive of a classic facial, this oxygen revival treatment facial uses the latest OXYJET aesthetic equipment for oxygen pressure to revive your skin. The handpiece is stored with highly pressurized oxygen and will be rolled over your skin during the procedure to give your dehydrated skin a moisturizing boost. Plus, it will feel extremely cooling at the same time!

Skin will feel rejuvenated and fresh right after one session @$148 (T&C applies).

Having almost half a day in daylight, we are constantly exposed to the sun and its harmful UV rays. This is why we need a rejuvenating skin treatment that protects us from ageing too quickly.

Airbrushelitesg provides a full body skin rejuvenating treatment made with exotic plant extracts, antioxidants and botanicals to revive your skin. This is especially recommended for those with dry and matured skin that is lacking in collagen to revive its elasticity.

Book yours now at $200, consisting of a 10 session course.


(Image from: ecorganicsbeauty on Vanitee)

This icy facial with a refreshing twist can surely cool your day off! The touch of melting ice cubes gliding over your face helps to tighten your skin, close pores and improve elasticity and firmness, just like Kate Moss’s daily routine. Ice cubes are specially custom blended by the owner to suit every skin type and woes!

This icy facial also includes: cleansing, tone, scrub, steam, extraction and mask.

Treat yourself to these facials to cool not only your skin, but your day off as well!

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