5 Amazing Ways to Style Your Bangs!

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We all know that bangs can either make you look cute and stylish or haggard and horrendous. If you have bangs and you’re slightly regretting that haircut, fret not because we’ll show you how you can style your bangs and get you looking like hair pro. Celebrities and social media personalities have gotten through their “bang phase” and looked stylish as ever with it.

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Just look at Jenn Im who looks incredibly chic with her new hairdo when she showed off her stylish bangs recently. With just a few tips and tricks, you’ll realise that having those bangs are not that bad after all!

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If your bangs are a little long and you don’t know what to do with them, why not tie it up into a cute braid to change up your look! It’s simple and chic, and a perfect hairdo when you’re going for date night!

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Perhaps the easiest solution to styling that fringe is to just pin it up! Whether you are pinning them to one side or both sides, this look is sure to make you look demure, and get your fringe out of the way when you’re doing your work of course!

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Ariana Grande makes this puffy bangs look effortlessly stylish. This look can be accomplished by using a hair curler to make your bangs puffed up instead of making it look flat and straight, adding that edge to your overall look.

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If you’re one to ride the Korean wave, you would definitely know about their signature see-through bangs! Of course, the trick is to not have so much of your bangs be put at the front of your forehead to make it look thinner. It’s supposed to make your face look smaller as well!

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If you’re going for that sophisticated look, having side-swept bangs (when done right) can give you just that!

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