5 beauty artists you should try in the West!

West Side Beauty Services


You can be rest assured that your nails are safe with @nailzcouture! With many years of experience, @nailzcouture can do a wide range of nail services. Single colour, simple nail art, or even more intricate ones – she’ll be more than happy to do it for you! What’s more? She has got over 500 colours for you to choose from!

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#VaniteeTip: You have to get @nailzcouture to do this design for you!

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Knit nails! She’s quick and she can also do different patterns of knit designs!

@nailzcouture is located in Bukit Batok, I’ve heard so much good stuff and many of my friends are her loyal customers. Book her today!


Do you like glitters and crystals, anything bright and sparkly? @mjnails is one nail artist you have to try! Located in Jurong West, @mjnails can do anything from simple to va va voom for you. She specialises in pretty Swarovski crystals that are unique (so you won’t have the same nails as anyone else!) and she’s able to arrange them nicely for you.

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She can go as subtle as watercolour nail art

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Or she can go FULL bling and still look neat!

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#VaniteeTip: A gel overlay will help to make sure your nails last and do not break. Crystals won’t fall off easily too! Mine is on it’s 5th week and it’s going strong. My previous nails broke at their 2nd and 3rd week respectively 😞

What are you waiting for? Go forth and shine bright like a diamond with @mjnails now


Have sparse brows and getting sick of it? Try out @beautyrecipe today! She does very pretty Korean eyebrows that are subtle but defined, and will definitely bring some attention to your eyes! Eyebrows frame your face, so make sure you go to a trusted artist for your eyebrow needs! Rest assured it will not fade into blu-ish green!

Slack for iOS Upload-17.pngYearning for that Korean straight brows?

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Jessie not only does eyebrow embroidery, she does lip embroidery too!

Have pale or dull lips? Book a natural lip embroidery with different shades of pink and red colours to choose from!

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#VaniteeTip: Ask @beautyrecipe to recommend the brow shape that is suitable for your face! Not everyone can pull off straight brows, but some people actually look much better with a little arch.

Westies staying in Jurong.. Check out this hidden gem @beautyrecipe located at Jurong East on Vanitee!


Want to use false lashes on the daily but have no time to do so? Try out some super volumised lash extension with @pinkprestige! You can ask for the falsies effect and you never have to meddle with the lash bone poking your eyelids, or the glue making your eyes sensitive, or worse!!! When the lash bone falls off the lash line throughout out the day 😱

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#VaniteeTip: Fret not! You can still wear your favourite eyeshadows out even if you have lash extensions on. Just remove them gently using a cotton bud and a water based remover!


Check out what @pinkprestige can do in her cosy Bukit Batok room to transform the windows to your soul today 😎


A good make up artist that is near to you? What’s there to hate? If you live in the west and have always wondered if there are any good make up artists around – it’s @colorsforlife to the rescue!

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#VaniteeTip: Show @colorsforlife some of your make up inspiration pics so that she can improve on your preferences and also bring the right tools and products to make sure you achieve what you want!

@colorsforlife is available for housecall services of course – but if she stays 5 mins away from you in Jelapang Road, wouldn’t it be great?

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