5 Brightening Facials For All Skin Types

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credit: modellove.tumblr.com
credit: modellove.tumblr.com

Has the last few weeks of (even more) intense sun made your skin dull, and your pigmentation more obvious?

We’ve got 5 facials to the rescue!


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Vita C Hydro Lightening Full ($99 for 45 mins)

This Korean-inspired treatment makes use of a medical-grade (aka super potent) vitamin C serum in the facial so you get super quick and long lasting brightening results.


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Radiance White Professional Treatment ($128 for 75 mins)
Not only do you get a great facial (they do extractions, but gently!) this treatment comes with a shoulder massage as well as a hand treatment that helps reduce the appearance of age spots on the back of your hands! All products used are from dermatological brand Laboratoire Dr Renaud.
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Halley’s Signature Rejuvenating Facial ($220 for 90 mins)

We like this to treat multiple skin concerns, so whether you want to brighten, reduce the look of your pores, or smoothen your skin, this combination of liquid diamond dermabrasion and dynamic pulsed light (DPL) will help. As the DPL wand is passed over your skin, a serum is applied to your skin. This serum contains a potent cocktail of ingredients like DMAE, carnosine, hyaluronic acid, vitamins B & C and alpha lipoic acid to firm, tighten, smoothen and hydrate skin.


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Organic Refresh Vitamin C Facial ($98 for 90 mins)

For those who prefer natural and organic products, this facial makes use of natural sources of vitamin C that’s effective but gentle. In fact, all products used at Flare Wellness are organic and they’ll customise each facial to suit your skin type. So when you book this treatment, it’ll be customised to your skin type and skin condition. The facial cabin is cosy, immaculately clean and quiet so you’ll feel right at home.


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Ultra Whitening LHE Facial ($228 for 120 mins)

Go high-tech with your brightening with this two-hour long session. Making use of LHE (light heat energy), this more powerful sister to IPL targets pigment spots deep in your skin and breaks them up so they became less obvious. The heat generated also helps to stimulate collagen production in skin, making your complexion look smoother and more glowy.

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