5 Creative Ways To Sport A Cat Eye

Knowing how to draw a winged cat eye on is an absolute must if you like sporting lined eyes. But if the traditional cat eye’s your only go-to now, it’s time you take it up a notch. We’re not expecting you to draw like Cleopatra either, so here are some easy modifications to your cat-eyed look that could make a world of a difference.

Add A Pop Of Colour


This look is the relatively idiot-proof, and won’t add much of a time difference to your makeup routine. Start with primed eyes and draw your usual cat eye on, preferably with a gel eyeliner that won’t smudge with eyeshadow application.

Next. use an eyeshadow brush and trace along the eyeliner outline of your eyelid. By now, that eyelid should be popping already, but if you want to add some extra gleam, line your lower lash line with eyeliner too! To complete your look, lightly retrace your eyeliner to make sure it’s crisp!

Pixel Perfect


Now here’s a look you don’t see everyday. This is perfect if you’ve wanted to put eyeliner on your lids, but lack the skill to do so with liquid. Draw a cat eye on with a pencil and pull it in to create a V-shape, over your eyelid. Don’t hesitate to put some colour on our lids if you’re in need of some kawaii-inspiration.

The Bird Eye


While this look may require an additional trial attempt or two, it’s worth every bead of sweat for the grandiose that comes after. To achieve this eyeliner look, start with your usual cat eye, using a gel liner and a thin brush.

Following the taper of your upper lash line, extend your eyeliner in a straight line from the inner edge of your eye, to the inner corner of your eye. Then, complete your look by connecting that point to the first lashes of your lower lash line.

The Upside Down Cat Eye


Perplexing to look at, but charming and sultry nevertheless. The level of difficulty of this look is for you to discern. For your base, line your lower lash line, increasing the thickness towards the end of your eye. Draw a pointed edge out at the inner corner of your eye.

Following that, extend the line along your lower lash line, then draw a line in towards your eye, connecting it to the point where your upper and lower eyelids meet. Fill in the gaps!

The Kitten


Achieving this eyeliner look lies in one word: parallels. Draw a line upwards from the outer edge of your eye, then draw a line parallel to it, from the inner edge of your eye. Line your waterline with an eye pencil so your eyes don’t look barren alongside your simple ensemble. On an optimistic day, use a coloured eyeliner and dot it along your eyeliner so your eyes’ll be the only accessory you need.

If you’re not sure how to work around these, have a professional help you.

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