5 Makeup Tips To Help You Beat The Heat

Singapore’s weather is a pesky heat demon that torments you – even the hopeful promise of rain results in a sweltering, humid mess.

However, there are some ways that you can keep this pest from getting to your head, and more importantly, your face.


With these tips, your makeup will stand a chance of lasting longer than the duration it takes you to walk from your house to the bus stop.

Tone Before Application


If you don’t do these things already, they could make the world of a difference to keeping your makeup intact.

Toner, usually applied after you cleanse your face, helps balance the pH of your face, hydrating, cooling and removing excess sebum. If you’re not sure what type of toner to get, try going for a hydrating one.

Use Ice As Primer

Ditch the alcohol-based primers for a frugal, popular alternative! The excessive use of alcohol-based products in hot weather only takes effect temporarily, later causing your glands to go into overdrive with the oil production to compensate for the force-drying torture that you’ve put your beautiful face through.


To ice-prime your face, rub an ice cube over your skin for a couple of minutes after you’re done cleansing. This’ll help close your pores in a jiffy, so no makeup gets absorbed into your skin. Not only will this keep you from sweating, it’ll also help your makeup glide onto your face.

Does Your Highlighter Look Like Oil?

I know, that Too Faced glow is just…ridiculously enticing. But in a country where everyone’s used to sweating it out, oily faces are a common site.


The gleam of a highlighter or a lip gloss will only exacerbate the situation the moment you start to sweat or produce oil – nature’s natural highlighters.

Save the popping highlight for a chilly night out, and opt for matte products during the day. Matte textures hold the best in humid weather, because they have lower potential for meltage.

Less Is More

Preventing an oil or sweat breakout is all in cutting your layers. Think tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, and water-based products instead of oil-based ones.

Lightweight makeup won’t smudge on your face as much, and you’ll stay looking crisp (not sticky!) longer.

Ditch The Powder For Blotter

It might be in second nature for you to mattify any shine on your face with powder and a brush. After a few applications, you might risk the chance of a cake face.

Use blotting paper instead to soak up the shine without muddling your art! After all, what good is a perfect bottle of foundation if you aren’t going to make it last?

Day-to-day routines can sometimes be a hassle, so it’s possible you’re looking for something that requires less effort. Facials are an exceptional choice!

Gladys Atelier packs an interesting punch, with its Omega Light LED Treatment priced at $38. The treatment comes with many perks that’ll help you tolerate the heat better, including the fixing of acne, dehydration, enlarged pores and more!

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