5 Reasons Why Your Brows Look Tragic

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Eyebrows frame your face and give it structure. A good brow game can define and change how you look like. There is a big possibility that you have been doing it wrong all the while but its alright; No one gets it right from the get-go. Find out what’s wrong with your current brow routine below now:

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Overextending your eyebrow tail can create a droopy effect, causing your face to look more tired than it actually is.

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Drawing your brows too harshly from the start can result in your brows looking like a part of a Lego block.

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You can look fierce, or even angry if you draw your archs are too pointy. If you’ve been wondering why people say you have a RBF, this could be the reason.

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Time to see a brow expert. Or else, simply try to follow the natural shape of your brows and tweeze along the way.

Image from: https://tinyurl.com/y95ek7np

This is the evidence of over-plucking your brows.

If you still do not know how to correct your brows after knowing the common brow mistakes above, here are some brow experts you should pay a visit to:

7D eyebrow embroidery done by Highbrow. Interested? You can read more about the procedure here.

(Done by: prestigesuntec on Vanitee)

Get your Korean eyebrows through Korean nano technology eyebrow embroidery colouring.

(Done by: sparklegaze on Vanitee)

Try out eyebrow henna that only lasts 2-3 weeks if you are afraid to commit! Or if you’re looking for long-term and semi-permanent results, go for eyebrow shading by sparklegaze!

No more tragic brows; start aiming to ace your brow game from today.

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