5 things to know before embarking on your next beauty quest

Haven’t we all been tempted to pop into the nearest beauty salon for a quick manicure or haircut just because it is oh-so-convenient, but is it wise to pick a place based on it’s aerial distance from home?

Beauty procedures are usually semi-permanent and a job gone wrong can be extremely upsetting and costly to fix. Don’t forget to do your due diligence and research before stepping into a beauty salon!

1. Skill

But of course, familiarise yourself with the artist and get to know his/her skill level.  Ask for a portfolio of past works if possible, know what you’re in for before you book an appointment. Vanitee has a network of 1,700 artists spanning 7 beauty categories, and you can easily browse through their Work Gallery on the Vanitee app before making a commitment.

IMG_2017-04-26 15:21:43.jpg

Here’s @permanentbeautysg’s portfolio on the Vanitee app. As the name suggests, this artist specialises in permanent beauty procedures such as lip and eyebrow embroidery – it is surely advisable to check an artist’s portfolio before diving in to such a long term procedure!

2. Environment

Nothing is quite as off-putting as a dirty or poorly organised beauty salon. After all, ambience does play a huge part in creating the right mood for your pampering experience!

It might be quite a challenge to ascertain the cleanliness of a salon, but you can always look out for a few tell-tale signs such as state of the bathroom, if the artistes are sporting gloves, and the general order of tools and items in the salon.

Reviews are also a good way to find out if the salon’s atmosphere meets your expectations!

3. Customer Reviews

Seriously, there isn’t a better way to find out more about a salon’s service! Reviews are highly reliable, and provide you with a heads up on what to expect.

Reviews are easily accessible on the Vanitee app and our artists are rated out of 5 stars, so you know what you’re up for before you decide on an artist.

IMG_2017-04-26 15:22:41.jpg

@theglowbeautybar has a perfect track record so far with 5 stars! Customers can only make reviews on Vanitee after checking out, so you can ensure that all our reviews are 100% genuine and trustable.

4. Pricing

How much damage will your pampering cost you? In particular, pay attention to additional charges in fine print or add-odds. Mentally total up your bill and compare the different prices to get the most out of your buck.

Prices for all beauty procedures can be easily found on Vanitee. If you’re looking for a good bargain check out our Featured Offers, with no frills attached! Should you change your mind after purchasing our offers, we will refund your offer as credits with no questions asked, so there’s no need to hesitate. 😉

5. Personal Expectations

Going in with an open mind on the end result and allowing the beauty artist to explore is definitely an option, but if you do have something in mind be sure to convey this to them. Easily chat with any artist before making a booking on Vanitee using our in-app chat function prior to your booking and let them know what you’re keen on, hair stylists and nail technicians are not psychic, and they need your input to provide you with a satisfactory ‘do.

Visuals will undeniably be helpful, so sending screenshots and photos to the artist beforehand via the in-app chat will allow them to better prepare for the service to help you achieve your beauty goals! The more pictures you provide the better your artist can understand the vibe and look you want to achieve. But also keep in mind that what you see on Instagram is not real life! The picture of that multi-coloured unicorn hair you’re coveting might be edited, so be inspired but have realistic expectations.

Keep these 5 things in mind before embarking on your next beauty quest, may the odds ever be in your favour ladies!

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