5 Types of Crazy Matte Nails Everyone Yearns For

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This trend is everywhere now! From Instagram to your friend’s nails, there’s no doubt that matte nails are officially back in trend! I mean, just look at celebrities like Kylie Jenner, famous for her matte lips and nails, who knows how to rock this trend like a pro.

Photo credits: Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

But beware, matte nails can look dull if you don’t pick the right design. Instead of going for one solid colour, why not switch it up a notch and go for something bolder? We’ve come up with 5 types of crazy matte nails you’d never thought would look this good on your nails!

Done by: 2kgnails 

 Photo Credits: Pinterest

Love a certain colour but have never tried having shades of that colour on each of your nail at once? These quirky matte nails sure are a bold move. Be it ombre or having one of each shade of a colour on each nail, it definitely adds a pop of colour (or shall we say colours) to your whole look!


 Done by: Agnesgnails

Done by: Pretty with Cindy

If you’re not into making such a bold move yet, but still want unique matte nails, then you can try this! To add that fun element to your nails, this colourful and intricately designed patterned matte nails will do the trick. The colour blocks instantly makes your matte nails look less dull by making it look way more vibrant!

Done by: Nails Couture

Done by: Kreatif Beaute

If you don’t like how matte nails give a flat finish on your nails, why not add some texture and patterns ? Yes, you can do that! Luckily, our artists provide the service of making the pattern on your nails subtle yet classy by making it 3-Dimensional.

 Done by: tnailstudiosg

Done by: Nail It Up!

This is for all the girly-girls out there who just love a touch of embellishment to spice up their nails! You can choose to add decorative elements to your nails such as tiny golden chains, or even crystals to give it that extra bling bling.

Done by: 2KG Nails  

Done by: okko nails

If you want to look chic, you can add some golden chrome nail tapes to add that extra oomph! to those matte nails. The high contrast between the golden chrome tape and the non-glossy matte makes your nails look instantly fabulous! This look is minimalistic yet trendy for any occasion.

There are so many different ways you can style your matte nails, it’s no wonder why they are back in trend again this year! Thankfully, we have a range of artists that can help you get those matte nails you have always wanted! (Go to Vanitee to book your appointment now!)

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