5 types of Pressed Flowers Nails you should try!

Trending this Spring 2017 is Pressed Flowers Nail Art and boy, do we have a great deal for you!

But first, here are 5 types of pressed flower nails for your inspiration.

Because we’ve all seen our manicurists/boyfriends’ faces when we take too long to decide on a nail design.

Let us help you speed up the decision process with these awesome inspirations!

Let’s get started.

(Clara H Nails)

1. Flowers in glass frames.

Mix and match your favourite colours and add some gold leaf flakes to make them extra exquisite!

Does this design reminds you of something?

Pendants with dried flowers were used to accessorise your outfit – why not put these on your nails instead?


2. The Accent One

To make your pressed flowers stand out, start on a white canvas and use large petals with strong colours. Keep the rest of your nail art plain and simple.



3. Sweet Florals

This is our favourite set – a mixture of pastel colours with glitters and Swarovski crystals! You will never get sick of these.


4. The Minimalist

Negative space lovers, this is your type of nail art. Pressed flowers on a transparent gel overlay with no more than a 2 colour combination. This clean and neat nail art is suitable for short nails and for work. Because you ain’t gonna type like this at work.


(Nailist Shina)

5. Framed flowers.

Or consider cute pressed flower nail art designs inspired by dried flowers in frames – add a single stalk of flower on the accent finger to add variation to this set.

Get a manicure so awesome that no one notices the mistakes you make. 


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Download the Vanitee app on the App Store or on Google Play.

Follow us on Instagram and Like our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to share with us your #vanitee looks on Instagram (@ilovevanitee) or Facebook


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