5 V-day nail arts that you shouldn’t miss

Source: beautysync.org

V-day is fast around the corner, and there is a sudden urgency for us girls to look picture perfect. A nail make-over will certainly help, but do you know which one to try?


  1. Mono pastel color

Nothing is sweeter than simple pastel mono color, except your partner of course J Not only pastel nails are lovely for V-day, they are also a perfect addition for spring season.

Image Source: bonbon._

By our artist:

Sweet nude & pastel nails by @skoskbeautique

  1. Marble

Wanna add a little design to your nail without going overboard? Marble nail has always been trendy. If you want feel more edgy, the below black marble pattern would certainly NAILS it (get the pun? >.<) !

Image Source: youtu.be

By our artist:

Pink marble pattern nails by @lovelynailhouse

  1. Glam and Glitz

Who cares about looking girly and demure on V-day? If you would rather feel sexy and glamorous, glam nails are definitely the ones for you.

Image Source: ILNP brand

By our artist:

Get the glamour on with @thenailgallerybysharon

  1. Galaxy

Galaxy nail art has always been one of the most eye-catching without being too loud. If you want to add a little bit of mystery to your looks, galaxy nails is the way to go.

Image Source: NaturalNail

By our artist:

Enchanting galaxy nails by @ninanails

  1. Bold Matte

Shiny finish are always preferred, but there are something about matte nails are incredibly captivating to the eyes. If nails is a type of accessories, bold matte colour should be your call to elevate to your entire look for the night.

Image Source: etsy.com


Have you made up your mind about which nail arts you want to pick? Heads over to Vanitee to look your very best on V-day this year!

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