7 types of floral nail art you should try!

Flower Power Nail Art

Have you seen the nail art designs in our in-app banner? Else you’re missing out a lot!

But it’s okay, here are some of the designs we curated! Enjoy :)

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1. The Inlay

Think 3D flowers are too much to handle? Have it UNDER your top coat instead! Now you don’t have to worry about them chipping off or getting stuck in your hair! Check out the inlay flowers

Done by @thistlebellenail

Slack for iOS Upload.png

2. The Negative Space

Fan of negative space AND floral nail art? This is for you!

Done by @caseynails

Slack for iOS Upload

3. The Matte

Ever wondered how matte floral nail art looks like? Here you go! It looks like a painting.

Done by @helianthusnails

Slack for iOS Upload-32.png

4. The watercolour

This set shows off your healthy nails as well as a flawless floral watercolour nail art!

Done by @nailbyliz

Slack for iOS Upload-1

5. The Lace

This set is focused on the lace floral overlay, simple yet elegant. Suitable for bridal events!

Done by @colorbnails

Slack for iOS Upload-3.png

6. The Subtle

If you like subtle nail art, this set is for you! Pink-nudish base colour with lace like floral petals.

Done by @2kgnails

Slack for iOS Upload-33.png

7. The Modern

If you are not into subtle, pastel designs, try this! This set looks super chic and modern yet not overboard with flowers.

Done by @jnailsgarden

Slack for iOS Upload-4.png

8. The Pastel

The perfect colours for a floral nail art – Lilac, Lavender, Pink. Your nail art will never go wrong with these colours!

Done by @soqnails

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