8 of the prettiest wedding floral hair looks

Pretty blooms bring a certain element of romance and elegance. Although flowers are typically used as decorations to jazz up the wedding location, we frequently see brides incorporating them into their bridal looks. If you want to include flowers into your bridal look, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite floral hairstyles for your consideration!

1. Classic Floral Updo


Done by: @lingpalette on Vanitee

Roses on the side can add simple elegance to an otherwise ordinary looking bun or french twist to bring your ‘do to the next level as well as accentuate and elongate the nape.

2. Loose Baby’s Breath Twists


Done by: @lingpalette on Vanitee

Loose twists are sophisticated and have an airy texture that is almost whimsical, which can then be further enhanced by delicate strands of baby’s breath and roses.

3. Blooming Chignon


Done by: @makeupbyshanice on Vanitee

Enhance a classic simple chignon by framing it with flowers to bring out your inner flower child for an elegant feminine look.

4. Cascading Waterfall Braid


Done by: @shuzenmoymua on Vanitee

We love the pretty layers and textures in this waterfall braid! This style is elaborate and still allows hair and stalks of dainty white flowers to frame your face.

5. Dainty Braided Bun


Done by: @beautysociety on Vanitee

A few simple little blooms can add a small tweak to a timeless braided bun and adds a bit of oomph while still keepin’ it classy. Love how the little flowers subtly peek through the braids!

6. French Floral Twist

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Done by: @lingpalette on Vanitee

Flowers in ivory, cream and neutral rosy colours are usually used as they go well with the classic white wedding gowns, but colourful blooms can breathe life into your hairstyle and overall bridal look. To channel ethereal spring goddess vibes, try some strategic teasing at the crown and a few loose tendrils to complete the look!

7. Half Up Floral Twist

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

Done by: @lingpalette on Vanitee

A half updo allows you to keep your hair down and flowy but still out of your face, especially important for when you need to flit around tables to take photos and entertain guests!

8. Tangerine Rose Crown


Done by: @lingpalette on Vanitee

If you balk at the idea of keeping still for hours to get your hair done, floral crowns give the same elegant look in much less time. Also, opting for high-quality silk flowers ensures that the flowers stay on point throughout the day and offers brides with a lasting momento of their wedding.

Ultimately, a bride’s hair should always compliment her overall make up look and be in line with the wedding theme. Whether you’re dreaming of a seaside and sunset wedding or a holy matrimony ceremony in church, the flowers in your hair should go well with your dress as well as the other blooms used for decorations.

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