Add a pop of colour with Colourblock Nails!

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Add a pop of colour to your oufit with not just one or two, but three colours!

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Be it in bright bold colours or neutral earthy shades, the colourblock manicure is definitely a manicure that works for everyone. If looking at these pictures have gotten you intrigued, why not check out Vanitee’s manicurists?

Done by: @rachelnailz on Vanitee

Pink, purple and black have different levels of intensity – which is what makes them look so good together. When paired against a pink background, the black colour is less jarring.


Done by: @thenaildream on Vanitee

Splitting the colour right down the middle is something I’ve rarely seen, but this manicurist has pulled it off perfectly!


Done by: @eileennailssg on Vanitee

You don’t neccessarily have to cover your whole nail – look at what this manicurist did! The plain part of the nail only serves to enhance the colours even further 🙂


Done by: @littlenailscastle on Vanitee

Nor do you have to do it for every nail! Create a variety by keeping some nails simple.


Done by: @littlenailshop on Vanitee

Glitter with glossy colours are also a great idea! I also love how consistent the colourblock is, with teal being the main colour.


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