Are Facial Extractions Good Or Bad For You?

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For many people, getting a facial is one of the best ways to pamper themselves – you get to lie on a comfortable bed for 45 minutes to an hour and leave with your pores significantly clearer and skin a bit tighter.

But are all the gunk extractions good for your skin?

Some facialists believe so. According to them, pores, blackheads, and a variety of small pimples impede the health of the skin, as well as radiance and clarity. Many people may not know how to successfully and hygenically clear their own pores at home, which may lead to more clogged pores or even infections.

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Different types of clogged pores

A good facialist will ensure that your pores are sufficiently steamed open before even thinking of clearing them. This is to prevent your skin from turning red and blotchy. If the salon tells you that any negative skin reaction is “a natural part of the facial”, do NOT believe them! Just look at what happened to this poor girl.

There are also people in the other camp, who believe that constant tugging at the skin to free the dirt can weaken the skin’s fibres. This is especially true for French brand Clarins, who believe in oil removal through lymphatic methods like massage. “Respecting the skin” is a cornerstone of theirs, and they frown upon using pore pressure.

Besides hurting the skin, facial extractions can also go awry when done by an untrained professional. This is a good reason why you shouldn’t be trying it at home! If there’s something you want to remove, head down to your usual spa to have it done. Extractions should also not last any longer than ten minutes, because of how sensitive the skin is.


On Vanitee, all our facialists are definitely trained, and you can even check out their reviews from satisfied customers. Whether it’s your first time having a facial or you’re a regular facial-goer, offers are never something to turn your nose up at.

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It was a pleasant and relaxing session at lavish beauty. Vicky was very careful and meticulous with my skin and I know I am in good hands. Will definitely come back for another session!

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Vicky is really nice and gentle with extractions. The facial with massage was really enjoyable!


Whether you’re a fan of extractions or nay, we just want you to have a great facial experience! Check out our facialists on Vanitee today.

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