Interview with Gwynes Tang: Meticulous, not speedy.

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In this edition, we share about one of our ever supportive nailist on Vanitee – Gwynes. Gwynes had dreams of becoming a professional makeup artist 8 years ago, but fate took its course and she decided to embark on a journey of being a professional Nailist instead.  Over many years of dedication, her passion grew and today, she has become a highly successful nail aficionado and together with two other partners, built up 2KG Nails.  

 Gwynes Tang

Username on Vanitee app: @2kgbygwynes

Salon: 2KG Nails, located at 29 Arab St, 199728

Speciality: Nail care and intricate nail art styles which includes geometric patterns, cartoon drawing, and minimalistic designs.

Experience: 8 years

Vanitee Portfolio:

Support @2kgbygwynes in the Vanitee Awards 2016:


Vanitee (V) : How long have you been working as a beauty artist and what do you love about it?

Gwynes (G): I have been in the beauty industry since 2008. Back then, my dream was to become a make-up artist, however to be one, that would require me to study for a year, hence I decided to enroll for a nail course instead, as that would only take me 3 months of study. My dream to be a professional makeup artist was still undying even after I have successfully graduated from my nail course. It was however, financially difficult to go ahead with signing up for the makeup lessons as my nail tools and materials was too pricey at that time. Over the years, I fell in love with the nail profession, and probably with my hobby of drawing, I eventually developed a great passion for the nail profession!

V: What is your specialty and what makes you different to other artists?

G: I am very meticulous with the works I create; all of my customers are aware that I may not be very speedy, but I put in all my heart into each and every service I provide. This is because I believe that with the amount of money and time invested by each of them, it is only fair that I put in my best effort to serve them.

V: Are there any tips you can offer to encourage other artists?

G: Vanitee is a great app! The Vanitee marketing efforts has helped us to increase our exposure by allowing customers to discover us on through their platform. This is the best part as we are able save a lot on cost while being able to gain businesses from new customers. Vanitee also helps these customers to feel confident prior to booking our services, as they are able to browse through my portfolio and customers’ reviews!


V: What dreams do you have, and how do you think Vanitee can help you achieve?

G: With my love as a nail artist and the passion I have developed thus far, I believe my dream has already came true. Nevertheless, with Vanitee’s support, my dream of being a successful nail artist is now bigger and stronger!

V: Why do you use Vantiee app actively?

G: I use the Vanitee app actively as a professional beauty artist mainly to manage my business. If I were to be a customer, I believe I would very much love to login and browse through the app everyday as there simply too many beautiful works – from nails, hair, to even makeup – to discover!


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