Interview with Kim Peh: 7 years of Intricate Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs by Kim Peh

In this round, we get to know more about Kim  (1/3 of the 2KG Nails team) who is a Nail Art veteran with a vast portfolio of chic and stylish nail designs. She strongly believes in providing nothing but the best to each and every of her customers as that is where her greatest satisfaction comes from, and has dreams of creating a huge impact in the world of Nail Art with her team at 2KG Nails! 

Name: Kim Peh

Username on Vanitee app: @2kgbykim

Salon: 2KG Nails, located at 29 Arab St, 199728

Speciality: Chic and intricate nail art designs.

Experience: 7 years

Vanitee Portfolio:

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How long have you been a nail artist and what do you love about it?

I have been in the nail industry for 7 years so far and I enjoy the challenge of creating intricate nail designs for my customers as it gives me a great sense of satisfaction whenever I see them looking so pleased with the end result!

What is your speciality and what makes you different from other artists?

I wouldn’t say I have any speciality in particular or I am way different from any other artists as the majority of us uses very similar techniques and procedures. However, I personally feel there’s one thing that differentiates me from the rest of the artists in the industry; and that is the high standards I set for myself whenever I serve my customers. I believe in giving my best to each and every of my customers and providing them with only the best service during their time with me.

IMG_5943@2kg Nail

Are there any tips you would like to offer to encourage other artists?

Vanitee is an easy-to-use app, especially for consumers! With the advancement in technology, more people are using their smartphones as their one-stop destination to have everything taken care of. With Vanitee, consumers can easily find any beauty services they need and book appointments instantly without the hassle of making phone calls or physically checking out stores beforehand. It is also convenient for customers to go cashless without the need for us to own any credit card terminals.

What dreams do you have, and how do you think vanitee can help you achieve?

My dream is to make a mark in the nail industry and to help 2KG Nails flourish to become the preferred salon for anyone to get their nail service done. Despite the popularity of nail art right now, there aren’t many people who are aware about the true potential of what nail art designs could turn into. My wish is that 2KG Nails would be one of the leading contributors in the world of nail art; and with Vanitee’s help as a platform to showcase our work and reach out to more beauty enthusiasts, I am sure we can all achieve this dream together!

Why do you use Vanitee app actively?

As a fresh start-up, 2KG nails has yet to achieve a stable customer base, hence with Vanitee, we are able to reach out  widely to the right customers and eventually increase our base. In particular, having a shared platform for artists means that we can draw inspiration from one another and perhaps even collaborate for exciting activities! Aside from that, Vanitee allow customers to book their service appointments anytime, anywhere without being restricted to our opening hours, while being able to indicate their preferred service and time slot clearly – which eventually make things easier for us when we receive any appointments.

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