Interview with Fang Hemsley: Conquer the world with a set of Manicured Nails!

Conquer the world with Manicured Set of Nails!


Name: Fang Hemsley aka @Little Nail Shop

Salon: Home-based at Dawson Road

Speciality: Nails

Years in the industry: 10

Vanitee Profile:

Fang Hemsley has four boys, but that doesn’t mean that her nail techniques are lost on them. “When a customer’s nails are done, they will come in and go: ‘That’s pretty’. It makes all my customers happy. They are my mini marketing gurus!”

A home-based freelancer with over 10 years of experience, Fang now runs the Little Nail Shop (@littlenailshop) near Dawson Road. A consummate perfectionist, she enrolled at the Pink Room International Nail Academy in 2013 to refresh her skills and catches up on the trends constantly, both on and offline.

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How did you start working as a manicurist?
I started working as a manicurist coming 10 years ago, actually. It was around 2005-2006.

How did you learn the trade?
I went to a nail school, or rather two nail school to learn. The previous school I found wasn’t that great, so in 2013I enrolled in Pinkroom to relearn and catch up with what is in trend now.


What is your daily routine as a beauty artist? And how many clientes on average per week?
My clients are mostly at night or weekends, as most are working adults or mummies who are busy with kids till they go lalaland. I have about 6-10 per week depending on season.

You have four kids, right? Are they interested in your work? Do they get their nails done?
Haha, yes, four boys! They know I’m doing nails for people. They are my mini marketing gurus! When my customer is done with their nails, they will come in and go: ‘Thats pretty!’ Makes all my customers happy for sure! They don’t get their nails done as they are all boys, but I do my friend’s daughter nails, as I carry those polishes safe for kiddos!

Where do you get inspiration for your designs? Do you have a favorite style?
I read a lot on magazines, Pinterest, Instagrams. And sometimes I would just think through in my head what style is good etc. My favourite has got to be “bling bling”! The more the merrier! But majority of my clients go for glitter or geometric designs.

What are some really weird design requests you got from clients?
Maybe one colour per nail and the colours are like neon to pastel. And I quote: she wanted her nails to look like a color chart!

Fang Hemsley at work (Photo: Artist's own)
Fang Hemsley at work (Photo: Artist’s own)

Why do you think nails so important to Singaporean ladies?
I think that with society being fast paced and well developed, the image one carries out is very important. We are more conscious of grooming as well, and when you meet with people the very first thing you do is shake hands to greet! That’s why even guys are also into manicures not just ladies anymore. I have several clients who are on top management and, with a set of nice manicured nails, they feel like they can conquer the world!

Why do you like nails so much?
I love doing nails more so for clients, as the satisfaction they express gives me a sense of fulfilment. I love meeting new people. And it’s also a great way to catch up with friends who will pop by to have their nails done, as my days are packed with activities for my kids + nail appointments.

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