Interview with Gerra Chong: Challenge of a New Face

Gerra Chong Makeup

gerra2Name: Gerra Chong

Specialty: Hair & Make-up

Experience: 7 years

Vanitee Profile:

Gerra (@TheBeautySociety) is a young Singaporean with a passion for beauty. And her former job in the medical science industry just didn’t cut it. Seven years have passed since she took the leap and got into the hair & make-up game, and today Gerra proudly hands over business cards with classy pin-up girls on them – her beauty icons. “I like the challenge of a new face”, she says. Thank goodness Singapore has millions of them.

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How did you start working as a beauty artist?
I just didn’t like my old job and was looking for something interesting to do. I couldn’t bear the thought of facing the mundane –that I dislike – everyday. I started as an artist in 2008.

How did you learn the trade?
I went to hair school for the full hair dressing course and taught myself how to do makeup.

What’s you day like?
I do fashion, e-commerce, comercial and corporate. It’s a mixture and I enjoy all of it. It breaks the habitual routine.


Where do you get inspiration for your looks?
Everywhere. Magazines, advertisements, posters, TV shows.

Do you have a favorite style?
Not particularly. I like the challenge of a new face or theme.

What’s your first step when you take on a new face?
Spot the flaws.

What made you fall in love with beauty as a profession?
Looking good (don’t we all love it?). Meeting new people and creating new friendships. And being good at it, because I can break down what most people can’t.

Why do you think Singaporean women care so much about looking good?
We get judged all the time and beauty is something that’s the first thing we get ‘judgey’ on. Especially with social media being so influential nowadays.


Are there any tips you always share with your customers?
Push your boundaries and start by trying out different colours. Make one a focus and tone everything else down for starters.

You do underwater shoots! How’s that process?
It’s very interesting. But you need a really good photographer for that, otherwise everything will just be a blur.

You also do make-up for brides. How is that process like? More difficult?
It’s not difficult, just more detailed and customised. It gives more of a personal touch.

What was your longest session so far?
Hair and make-up took 2 hours – because we were chatting too much.

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