5 Korean Beauty Secrets to Look Like a Korean Celebrity

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The Korean wave has been wildly popular in Singapore for many years, yet we’re still madly in love with Korean beauty and how flawless Korean celebrities look. To achieve that signature youthful yet radiant Korean look, here are 5 Korean beauty secrets you need to know:

We cannot talk about Korean beauty without mentioning the ubiquitous Korean eyebrows.

Eyebrows are important in Korean makeup as it brings out important features such as your eyes to look young and fresh. Unlike Western beauty, Koreans prefer thicker eyebrows to look younger and sweeter.

seohyun eyebrows snsd

korean female celebrity eyebrows

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Check out how Seohyun from Girls’ Generation and Korean actress Kim Hee Sun instantly look younger and cute-looking after their eyebrows have been re-shaped into a thicker and straighter lines.

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Check out prestigesuntec who is able to help you achieve Korean eyebrows through Korean nano technology eyebrow embroidery colouring.

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In Korea, beauty education starts at a young age. Korean mothers make sure to begin teaching their children (boys and girls) on how to take care of their skin at ages as young as 10 years old. They believe that prevention is key to any future skin problems. With a head start in skincare education, Koreans become self-taught experts and know how to treat their own skin problems effectively.

Good skin comes from endless years of dedication and protection, and the Koreans are definitely the example for doing so.

Colorful sheet masks that target any and all skin care concerns. | 36 Amazing Gifts For People Obsessed With Korean Beauty

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Also known as “1 Day 1 Pack,” many female Korean celebrities go through at least 1 facial sheet mask daily. With facial sheet masks as low as $1, the “1 day 1 mask” ritual is a feasible at-home alternative to expensive facial treatments. Applying facial sheet masks also help you to apply makeup better as your face will be well-nourished and prepped.

You hardly see any female Korean celebrities not sporting a natural brown hair in your K-dramas. Brown hair is well-liked by the Koreans as it lets you look more friendly and likable. They also like to sport a C-Curl, where the top half of your hair is left untouched and the bottom is loosely permed, hence giving your hair texture and shape.

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Image result for song hye kyo descendants of the sun

Image from: http://www.pamper.my/news/beauty/song-hye-kyo-makeup-in-descendent-of-the-sun/

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Image from: http://asdaze.com/2016/06/video-flicks-nana-at-the-good-wife-press-conference-160629/

This Korean hair trend became wildly popular after Song Hye Kyo donned it in Descendants of the Sun. Following after, many female Korean celebrities also went for the cut and rocked this airy there-but-not-there fringe.

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