Top-to-toe Bridal Procedures To Prepare You For Your Big Day

Months before: Hair


If you want long healthy locks to wear down on your wedding, start trimming your hair in the months prior to the event! Regular trimming helps to get rid of unhealthy split ends and hair damage to prevent hair breakage. Check out this guide to determine how often you need to trim your hair. A deep conditioning treatment can also improve the condition of your hair so that it will look smooth and luscious on your big day! Browse more hair treatments on Vanitee here!

If you have unruly and frizzy hair that you simply cannot seem to tame, consider going for the Mucota Volume Rebonding, a new revolutionary method of rebonding that leaves your hair straight but not too straight.

Mucota Volume Rebonding done by @nwavehairstudio on Vanitee

Months before: Face

If you have acne or pigmentation problems, start seeing a dermatologist at least 6 months before the wedding to give your skin ample time to adjust to a new regime and new medications. If your skin is already in relatively good condition, why not try the 8D Osmolite Skin Booster from @rapellezorchard that works to instantly brighten up your complexion!

Read more about the facial here!

Lifestyle and diet are also key to helping your skin look its best. Hydration is important to keep your skin clear, so drink up! Eating healthy and working out will also help to detox your skin and tone you up so that you will be in your best shape for your big day.

The Week Before: Manicure

Of course, a necessity for every bride! Manicures are especially important for your hands to look good in close up shots of the wedding ring.

Check out these bridal manicures done by our Vanitee artists!


Done by: @cincitynails on Vanitee


Done by: @nailzcouture on Vanitee


Done by: @eileennailssg on Vanitee

After getting your nails done, remember to apply cuticle oil daily to keep your nail beds moisturised so they can look their best!

The Week Before: Eyebrow Shaping

For brides with embroidered brows, your brows should have already been touched up a month or so beforehand so that they will look less harsh on the actual day. But if you prefer a more natural brow look, shaping your brows through threading or waxing will really frame your face to give you the perfect look!

For eyebrow embroidery recommendations, check out our top brow and lash artists here.

The day before: Full-Body Massage

Get a massage right before the actual day to get rid of all your pre-wedding nerves! A good massage can promote blood circulation to rejuvenate your muscles and give you a much-needed break after all the vigorous planning. Improving circulation also nourishes the skin so that you can really glow on your wedding day!

Check out these massages by our Vanitee artists!

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