Behind the Scenes with Vanitee Awards winner, Brow Embroidery Expert, Li Li

Li Li, or @lilibrow on Vanitee, has topped the charts for the Brow & Lash category for Vanitee Awards 2017! We had an interview with her to find out more about her and some tips for first-time customers ;-)21

She started doing brow embroidery in 2005, where she picked it up at a beauty school and salon that she was working at. After discovering her talent for it, she started doing it part-time as a hobby. A full-time mother, she said that her children were still her top priority, and she “didn’t want to waste her skill”.

Contrary to popular belief, eyebrow embroidery is not difficult and the tough parts of the job are sometimes the customers themselves. “Sometimes, customers ask for my advice and then choose not to listen to it,” she said.

Li added that it was okay to not know what one wants, as that was what a consultation is for. “Customers should always consult an expert before going for embroidery, so that both parties will be equally sure of the desired outcome, she said.

As a beautician, she comes across many types of customers . Once, a customer was unwilling to pay after getting her brows embroidered. According to the customer, her eyebrows felt “weird” but she wasn’t sure where. In the end, I stayed with her till 11pm, said Li.

If you’re wondering where she gets her own brows done, she does them herself! (And I must say, they look beautiful).

Her proudest moment as a beautician thus far was winning the Vanitee award & getting herself published in Her World Singapore.

Here are some of Li’s recent works:

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