Biggest Wedding Beauty Mistakes

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No bride would ever want to commit a beauty mistake on their wedding day. After all, it is going to be one of the most photographed occasion in their entire lives. Look your best by avoiding these beauty mistakes on your wedding day!:

Are you watching too much Jeffree Star, or Ponyeffect that you decide to try everything out on your wedding day? Warning: Do not ever incorporate different trends into one look because one thing is for sure: it is not going to work out. Most of the time, trends are individualistic and not meant to be mixed together like rojak. Instead, stick to a beauty trend that suits your skin tone and facial features the most! For most of us Asians, Korean beauty looks compliment us very well.

(Done by: jnthemakeupartist on Vanitee)

(Done by: qingyingteemakeupartist on Vanitee)

Believe us: this is an extra cost, but a worthy one. Be sure to “test out” or “experiment” with different makeup looks before the wedding. You wouldn’t want to have a Bridezilla moment where you are not satisfied with your makeup look on your wedding day.

Our Vanitee artists provide affordable makeup trials:

(Done by: styledbyq on Vanitee)

Styledbyq provides makeup trial for 1 day look at $120, 1 day look and 1 night look at $150.

(Done by: aurablushweddinggallery on Vanitee)

Aurablushweddinggallery offers trial bridal makeup at $80.

While it is important to have faith in your makeup artist, it is also essential for you to direct them on the types of look you prefer. Just remember: Makeup artists are professionals in their field, but they are not professionals in mind-reading!

Also, keep in mind to wear white so you can see whether your makeup look suits your white wedding gown!

The last thing you would want to happen during your wedding is for your veil to get stuck onto your lips and leave behind a crimson red stain. The same goes for long hair – you wouldn’t want to be fussing over your you hair sticking onto your lipstick.

Instead, opt for lip stain. Not only are they transfer-proof, they are long lasting as well!

It is better to opt for a more natural look on your wedding day. It would be terrible if you were to be made up to look like you are going on stage for a performance!. Opt for natural-looking 2D/3D lash extensions that adequately fill up your lash line and give the barbie-doll effect to your eyes.

(Done by: delash on Vanitee)

Remember to get them done at least a week in advance just in case you have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used and to make sure that they are comfortable for you.

Or you could always opt for an eyelash perm if you don’t want anything on.



(Done by: kimieilash on Vanitee)

Don’t know the difference between an eyelash perm and eyelash extensions? Check out this article to find out more.

In Singapore’s sweltering hot weather, our eyebrows fade away very easily. Go for eyebrow embroidery to obtain semi-permanent eyebrows for your big day!

(Done by: highbrowcapitolpiazza on Vanitee)

When you say “I Do,” it would be best if your fingernails are best prepped for your diamond ring to be popped on. Brides usually opt for the classic white, or french nail designs that compliment their wedding gowns. Here are some bridal nails you would not regret splurging on.

There you have it! Never commit these mistakes on your big day!

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