Birthstones-Inspired Manicures

If your birthday is in December, what better way to celebrate than with a manicure inspired by your birthstone? The birthstones for December are tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. All these stones are known for their beautiful shade of blue.

Wondering where to get such gorgeous manicures? Fret not – at Vanitee, we have a long list of manicurists who are more than capable.

Done by: @dnailscafe on Vanitee

This combination of solid colours and patterns is almost ethereal. Having dark colours on your nails is perfect for both dress up and down events, which is ideal for the numerous christmas parties you’ll be attending 😉

Done by: @dnailscafe on Vanitee

If you’re looking to bling your nails up, why not add embellishments? I am really liking the accent nail here – it will definitely catch the eyes of those around you.

Done by: @elgstylenails on Vanitee

Undecided between light or dark blue? Why not go for both! The swirls on these nails makes them look like actual stones found by the beach, weathered away by time.

Done by: @lovelynailhouse on Vanitee

Blue-greens are also a good choice. Jazz up a simple one-colour manicure with rhinestones and you’re good to go!

Done by: @ninanails on Vanitee

Or why not connect all four nails into one with one big manicure? The wave is strong with this one. Make your nails a point of conversation and you won’t have to worry about awkward conversations any longer!

Done by: @ninanails on Vanitee

If you’re not that into nail art on every finger, why not opt for this slightly muted version? The thicker brush strokes are extremely complementary with the white background.

Done by: @thenailgallerybysharon on Vanitee

This manicure is slightly reminiscent of the water globe manicure that trended previously. For practical reasons, not everyone can afford to have large additions to our manicures. (Hello, chores?) But that doesn’t mean you can’t get something just as nice! I am loving how all the different colours have come together to create this image of perfection. December with these gorgeous nails today!


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