Bracelet Nails – Worth the effort?


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From ombre lips and straight brows to the ever popular BB cushion compact, many beauty enthusiasts have been hit by The Korean Wave in all it’s quirky cuteness.

K-beauty lovers, behold the latest trend that hails from the land of Kimchi and pretty boys – Bracelet Nails! This nail trend originated from Park Eun Kyung, star manicurist of the famous Unistella salon in Seoul.

Bracelet Nail designs utilise actual strings, chains and metal charms placed on top of each other to create layers and textures. We love how the charms stand out against the dark blue base in this manicure!

행운을 빌어 실을 손톱에 붙이니 👉🏻💍 #실팔찌네일 #braceletnails #bracelets

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If you steer clear from complex manicure designs, bracelet nails are intricate yet simple enough to complete a neutral base.

#braceletnails 💅🏻✨ #hippienails

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But they can also add that final touch to complete your colourful summer manicure!

Each Bracelet Nail design can take up to 2 hours to complete as the manicurists carefully loops and layers the tiny trinkets with a small tweezer to create this detailed look. After putting the design together, the manicurist then seals it in place with a gel coat. Eyeing the pretty masterpieces done by Unistella? Check out @poshnailspa‘s version of bracelet nails below!

IMG_0471.jpgDone by: @poshnailspa on Vanitee

IMG_0464.jpgDone by: @poshnailspa on Vanitee

IMG_0440.jpgDone by: @poshnailspa on Vanitee

My verdict? This delicate nail look is minimal enough to be classy, but still oozes style and goes well with both formal and casual outfits so yes – this nail design IS worth every minute of your patience. If you’re on a budget, Bracelet Nails by @poshnailspa only cost a low $15 to $40, extremely good value for money if you ask me!

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