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Citibank Beauty Services

As the saying goes, “A manicure can help reduce anxiety and improve your mental health.”

I was never a fan of the entire Central Business District area in Singapore. Everyone dressed in formal outfits and looking so serious all the time. It is time to inject some fun and enjoyment there!

Therefore, on 10th June Wednesday, Vanitee brought down three of our lovely manicurists on our platform namely Ann from thenailtisticann, Khai Yuan from Okanails and Jeanne from GeNails all the way down to Citibank. We were all ready to pamper some lucky employees at Citibank! Take a look at some of the photos taken during the event!


This lovely lady was our first customer of the day! She was rushing for an appoinment so Ann gave her a quick express polish manicure experience.

Every lady needs to be pampered once in awhile am i right?

Here we are at CITIBANK’s pantry giving employees a great manicure treat! We transformed the Citibank pantry into little bubbly manicure booth from 11am-3pm!

Here is Khai Yuan in action! Our manicurist are passionate and professional! 😉

Things got even more interesting when we bumped into Richard, who was our first and only male customer of the day! He just came back from a long holiday and was longing for manicure since his fingers were a little dry. Viola, we are here to help him!

Here is Jeanne patiently giving Richard the manicure!

Smiles all over the room as employees of Citibanks were getting their manicures

We have this lady here who had exams the following day but there is nothing that is going to stop her from getting a manicure from our Vanitee manicurists! 😉

Konichiwa! We managed to serve 4 out of the 6 female japanese employees in Citibank! Here are two of them after their manicure with Khai Yuan & Jeanne! Kawaii!

Since we were in a bank, most employees went for the simple and classic manicure. But take a look at this cute cupcake nail design that a lady chose! This cute design was done by Jeanne!

Even though we were supposed to leave Citibank by 3pm, employees were still strolling in for their manicures after 3pm! :p but our Vanitee manicurists will make sure that all employees are attended to.

Our manicurists worked hard for the even so they will need to take a break too! Chicken rice for lunch!! Yummy!

Khai Yuan is proud to be on team VANITEE! 😀

Here is our last customer of the day! And Ann did a great job using the OPI Infinite Shine collection. We were all very impressed how shiny the manicure turned out.

YEAY! Another successful event together with Citibank. Tiring but enjoyable!

Thank you Ann & Khai Yuan for all your hard work!

We transformed the pantry back to normal before leaving!

Thank you Citibank Singapore for having us! We really hope that all the employees who managed to get a manicure enjoyed the experience and will continue to use Vanitee! Hopefully there will be more collaboration in the future because… we all know that…

There is nothing a fresh manicure can’t fix!!!



P.S: Please feel free to book any of the independent manicurists below, happiness guaranteed!

Khai Yuan

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