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Alexa Chung Beauty Nails

Alexa Chung began her career as a model, but it took years (and a couple of TV gigs) before it paid off and she became the powerful solo face of Longchamp and a Chanel darling – and got a Mulberry bag named after her to boot.

A great music fan and sometimes DJ, she first knew fame as a quick-witted TV presenter on London’s Channel Four. Her husky voice, piercing eyes and impeccable, Peter Pan-ish style (plus a long relationship with Arctic Monkey’s singer Alex Turner, than at the height of fame) quickly attracted the eyes of the fashion crowd.

Her aesthetic tastes, she says, were honed during childhood: “I grew up in a very visual household. My dad is a designer, my sister is a designer, my brother is an amazing architect who does music. But I think in the Chung household, how things looked was an important part of who you are.”


In the almost 10 years since, she has popped up in fashion magazines everywhere, written several pieces for British Vogue, won a handful of style awards and even published a book, the charming “It”. Currently living in New York, Alexa has definitely found her voice. After several collaborations with designers and beauty brands, she debuted a special collection for Nails Inc. that included 6 unusual shades inspired by her favourite fabrics, such as Camo and Lace. Only natural, then, that her uniqueness would also be reflected on her nails.


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