DIY Shaving Hacks You Never Thought Of

The commercial grooming/shaving market leaves females at a constant disadvantage, especially when it comes to body hair. Women have to spend $2 more on average for ‘female’ razors which wear down way faster than ‘male’ ones.

Not to mention, wax strips aren’t even an option. They cost about $17 a pack for what’s ultimately just a sticky, semi-effective solution that doesn’t cover the whole of your body. Fortunately, you can fall back on some quick alternatives to make sure those velvety smooth legs get the best type of shave.

Use Conditioner or Oil To Shave

You know the drill; soak your legs, exfoliate, lather, shave. Here’s an alternative that’ll allow you to make sure your hair comes off smooth. Instead of using soap to shave, use conditioner or oil instead.

It’ll hydrate instead of dehydrating, softening your hair and your skin so that your blade can glide across your skin. Let the conditioner sit for a minute to get your legs feeling as soft as they can!

Never, Ever Leave Your Razor In The Shower

The smoothest shaves lie in having the sharpest blades. Blades are made of soft metal, and leaving them in the moisture of a shower will cause it to dull faster than the time it takes your hair to grow back, almost halving the number of potential shaves that your blade can provide you.

Wipe your blade immediately after you get out of the shower, and dab it with a nice coat of olive oil so moisture doesn’t get to it. Also, if it hasn’t been said enough, ditch all your rusty blades, or your skin will pay the price!

Buy Men’s Razors

If you’re not sure of the difference between male and female razors, they’re somewhat minor. For a higher price, you get a razor that’s got curved edges (meant to be easier on the intimates), brighter colours, and a razor that wears down much faster. It makes a lot more sense to buy male razors.

Use Lip Balm To Heal

Nicks happen once in a while, and they’re a pain to get through. Fret not! A dab of lip balm on your nicks will soothe them, and make the healing process a lot faster, like an airy, extremely fragrant plaster.

Perhaps shaving isn’t your thing, or maybe you’d rather go for a more permanent option. There are some other options you can consider, one of which is this fantastic IPL hair-removal package that Bare Beauty Clinic offers.

At just $120, you’re entitled to ten sessions of underarm or upper lip hair removal. That’s $12 a session for what’s potentially permanent hair removal!

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You can also consider an option that’s more common and less permanent, good ol’ waxing! Get a hard honey brazilian wax for $38 at New U Aesthetics, located conveniently at Boat Quay.

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