Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup has come a long way. Thanks to technological advancements, cosmetic tattoos are no longer what they used to be. While the results take the #IWokeUpLikeThis trend to a whole new level, there are some important things to consider before you get cosmetically tattooed.


It’s not 100% permanent

Permanent makeup is a slightly misleading moniker – it would be more accurate to call them semi-permanent makeup instead. Unlike tattoos that stay with you all your life, permanent makeup usually display signs of fading after a few years. This is because the pigments are deposited more superficially in the skin than traditional tattoos.

Done by: Sparklegaze

We’ve all seen or heard horror stories of fading permanent makeup that looks worse than having no makeup. However, with a trusted beautician like Sparklegaze who will use subtle and natural shades to enhance your natural beauty, the risks of ending up with an uneven job down the road is negated. Make your appointment here.

You might need touch ups

Think of it like having lip fillers. Some people’s lips are perfectly plump with just one visit, but others need a second trip to the clinic. But the good news is that most beauty salons that offer permanent makeup services also provide a free touch up session.

Ideally, you should wait between two to six months before returning for a touch up. It’s a good idea to heal completely before returning for another procedure. The colour might also look darker initially but will fade slightly which gives you a choice – either schedule a touch up for a more intense colour or be happy with the result of one session.

It will hurt (a little)

Although unlike tattoos, numbing cream is usually applied before the procedure. Depending on your threshold for pain, there might be some mild discomfort. Some swelling and soreness is also to be expected.

Done by: Brownice

Despite popular beliefs, eyeliner tattoos are actually not the most uncomfortable or painful. Instead, it’s lip embroidery that is the most uncomfortable of them all. So don’t let the discomfort scare you away from having defined and bright eyes. With Brownice, your discomfort will be turned down to the minimum. Make your appointment here!

The older you are, the longer you’ll need to heal

A fresh cosmetic makeup application should be treated like a wound, and healing from wounds is one of the most complex processes in the human body. As we age, the function of white blood cells deteriorates, and these cells play crucial immune roles especially in wound repair.

Done by: Lucky Lash & Brow

However, regardless of your age, don’t let that stop you from getting permanent makeup. Simply add a week for each decade after forty for recovery time. My mum is nearing 50, she just got her eyebrows done awhile ago and now they are on fleek! Lucky Lash & Brow are certified artists whose expertise can be clearly seen in each and every customer they’ve worked with. Make your appointment here!

It can affect MRI results

Weird, but true! The pigments used in permanent makeup are usually iron-oxide based, and the iron can sometimes interfere with an MRI machine. It might sound funny but the magnetic reaction can cause discomfort and even redness!

So let your radiologist know that you’ve had some permanent makeup done so that he can adjust the machine and not compromise your scan. Doesn’t this make for an interesting cosmetic tattoo fact?

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