Eyes Wide Open: 5 Tips For Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes can bring dramatic change. A healthy dose of mascara and, pop!, your eyes are suddenly out there. To many women, though, merely applying a layer (or five) doesn’t cut it, and the eyelash extension market has become quite a successful one, relentlessly growing on both sides of the Atlantic.

The careful process of adding up to a hundred new tiny strands to your eyes requires patience and a steady hand though, but is remarkably easy to maintain. Vanitee‘s own Emerald Allure (@emeraldallure), a specialist on “e-lashes”, personally favours the glam looks, full and vibrant, but there’s always a more casual choice for those looking for an more natural look. Here’s are a few beginner tips.

1. Choose a style…
There are 4 basic types of eyelashes, as you can see below, and different types of curves. The names change from country to country – Emerald calls them Elegant, Sexy, Cute and Glamour, while some prefer names like Natural and Gorgeous –, but not the effect.


2. …And a ‘look’
The style itself is not the end of the line: the number of strands can take each of them to a next level. “I offer three kinds of looks: Everyday for a natural air, Volume to look full and 6D Volume, which has the most volume but doesn’t look fake”, she says.

3. Use your face to choose a shape
“I always check with customer what kind of result they want and, from there, I’ll observe their eye shape and recommend a style”, says Emerald.

4. Avoid steam like the devil
To keep your lashes in place, step away from oil based products, as well as saunas and steaming. “Hot temperatures soften the glue”, explains the beauty artist.

5. No mascara necessary – unless you really, really want it
For Emerald, the extensions themselves bar the need for further make up help. Those who can’t ditch their mascara, though, can use black mascara at the roots and brown mascara at the tips for a more natural look.

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