Facials: The Do’s and Don’ts

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We often see celebrities with flawless skin – have you wondered how they achieve or maintain such a complexion? Undeniably, it could be due to botox and other cosmetic procedures. Instead of these – an ideal, cheaper alternative would be facials.

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For starters, let’s talk about the several benefits that facials give you:

1. Facials help to clear your pores.

It is a process of deep cleansing and exfoliating of the pores on your skin – something that you might not be able to achieve with your daily face washes at home. Your pores are opened during facials, allowing them to breathe and rejuvenate itself.

2. Facials help you to learn more about your skin.

Going for a facial, gives an opportunity for professional therapists to assess your skin. You can also learn if there are any catalysts damaging your delicate skin.

3. Facials allows you to get rid of your pimples professionally.

Getting pimples is a natural occurrence during one’s puberty stage or during menstruation – comes and goes at any age. Blame it on the hormones! However, properly getting rid of them is essential as poor removal practices of pimples such as pinching or poking it might lead to scarring.

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However, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid while choosing the most suitable facial for yourself. Here are some tips for 3 common skin types:

  1. Individuals with Dry skin – If you have a dry skin texture, you might want to avoid facials that goes through deep exfoliation. The exfoliant might cause your skin’s moisture to further decrease, causing skin irritation and flakiness. Instead, choose facials that are more moisturizing.
  2. Individuals with Oily Skin – Oily skin might be frustrating and the ‘shiny’ effect on your face is unappreciated. Choose facial procedures that utilise chemical exfoliators. These kind of exfoliators are strong enough to get rid of all the excess oil trapped within your pores and decreases the built-up of oil under your skin.
  3. Individuals with Sensitive Skin – By sensitive skin, we can denote that your face might be as soft as a rose petal. Thus, handling your skin gently with mild products is necessary. Avoid facial procedures that has much exfoliation or that uses chemical products. It might cause skin irritation as the chemical products are usually catered to tougher skin with stubborn residue.

If you are unsure of which beauty salon is good or if this is your first time stepping into the realm of facials, we got you! Here are some facials to check out:

Try the ‘Acne Electro Theraphy Treatment’ service provided by Beleaf Beauty. This is an all-rounded facial procedure and includes a complementary shoulder massage for its female customers. This facial helps you to curb your acne and attain a blemish-free skin!

Done by: Beleaf Beauty

Click here to enjoy this service!

Alternatively, you could try their Pigmentation Treatment. Click here for more information!

This deal is perfect is you are suffering from spotty skin and uneven skin tones. Pigmentation might be a result of environmental damage or even hormonal changes. This facial helps to straighten out your pigments and give you a brighter glow!

If you want to treat yourself, you can try the ‘Rejuvenating Supreme Treatment’ at Lady’ s Facial.

This 5-star rated facial helps you fight all the signs of aging! It helps to reduce wrinkles, slackening of skin, dark spots, muddy complexion and dehydration.

It is also suitable for dry skin types as it helps by moisturising your face. Enhance your skin and look young forever by clicking here.

Done By: Lady’s Facial

It’s good to go for regular facials at least once in 2 weeks, as recommended by professionals. Apart from benefitting your external appearance, facials provides positive benefits for your mind too! A good complexion increases your morale and boosts confidence.

Get your healthy and glowy skin, liberate yourself today!

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