For The First Time… Trying Out Home-based Lash Extensions!

I once had a classmate who wore fake eyelashes to class every day without fail and I always wonder how long she’d take to get ready for school every morning. I was amazed by her commitment because I knew I’d never be able to do the same. Frankly speaking, it’s a real hassle to put them on, so I’d just head out with my tiny eyes and sparse lashes. But thankfully, in recent years, Eyelash Extensions came into light and it became my best friend! It’s so convenient and it makes me happy because I can wake up pretty all day err day! Eyelash Technicians are everywhere in the market, but to hear of a home-based Eyelash service seems pretty new isn’t it?

Right at the heart of Bedok Reservoir, we have a freshly minted Eyelash Technician who has the passion for anything beauty, and she’s none other than Sherlyn Kua from @Reversg. If you are staying somewhere in the West and find it troublesome to travel, worry not because she actually offers Housecall service at an additional $20 only!

Unlike most technicians, Sherlyn runs her business in her humble abode where she has a treatment bed equipped with all her tools nicely set up in a room. Customers who does their service here are sure to feel safe and comfortable!

NIK_3852A cosy room with everything placed orderly. Comfort and privacy at it’s best!

NIK_3833Nicely decorated room with pictures of her works. 

Here we have the gorgeous Siti Mcnally, our community user, to try out Sherlyn’s lash extension – it’s actually her first time getting her lashes done in a home environment!


Placing each lash with much dedication and care. 

And we are curious to find out how she feels getting her lashes done outside of her usual salon:

Q: Have you been to any home based salons?

A: Yes I did! But it wasn’t for lash extensions, I had my nails done instead. I think home based salons are usually more comfortable but it could be pretty complicated to get there sometimes.

Q: What’s ur first impression of her home based workplace?

A: It’s very clean – in fact, it feels cleaner than any other salons out there. Usually salons tend to be dirtier but Sherlyn’s home is way cleaner and that gives me the assurance of her hygiene standards.

Q: Do you like your lashes?

A: Yes I love it! Feels very light and natural, which is really awesome!

Q: Tell us about your experience with Reversg!

A: Sherlyn provides very good and prompt replies when I clarified with her about my lashes. The room was very clean and comfortable but a little too quiet. Nevertheless, it was a great experience as she was able to customise her service to my needs. Would prefer a home based salon over a regular salon anytime!


Pretty lashes after Sherlyn’s magic! (p.s. We love it so much!)

Now let’s hear more about Sherlyn @reversg on her services and future plans!

Q: How did you started out being a lash technician?

A: I personally love getting my lash extensions done at @emeraldallure (Top Lash Technician for Vanitee Awards 2016) and soon developed an interest to do it on my own. Emerald Allure also provides training, so after quitting my job as a sales executive from Qoo10 I decided to take up her course to learn the ropes and start my own business!

Q: Where are your products from?

A: The lashes I use are from Taiwan and they would appear to be more natural and light on the eyes.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I am planning to move out soon and find a room which I can renovate and furnish with pretty decorations specially for  my lash service. Apart from that, I am also interested to explore the Nail industry!


Check out more works from @Reversg at or hop onto the Vanitee App to book your appointment now. 


1 FOR 1 Classic Lash Extensions – $55
1 FOR 1 Mink Extensions – $85

Location: 107 Bedok Resevoir Road, 470107 (Nearest MRT: Eunos)

How to get there : Take bus 60 from Eunos Interchange 6 stops away (alight at Blk 121), 5 mins walk from bus stop

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