Galaxy Nails that are Out of this World

Galaxy nails is the new sophisticated nail design you need to do. It is both mature, yet edgy enough to look youthful. With a thick coat of black base reminiscent of the vast galaxy, added with streaks of glittery gold and silver to replicate the milky way, this stunning new nail look is definitely a show-stopper. Check out our various Vanitee nail artists who have came up with their own renditions of galaxy nail arts:

1. @thenailgallerybysharon

(Done by: thenailgallerybysharon on Vanitee)

This galaxy nail design done by Sharon includes a mixture of thick black and white base, followed by white streaks and dust-like design to mimic the trials of milky way. To add an extra touch, gems and sparkles are added to give this galaxy nail design a good bling.

2. @belleandco

(Done by: belleandco on Vanitee)

Belleandco did a more girly version of galaxy nails, creating a rainbow base mainly using blue, pink and white. To add an extra shimmer and make it more galaxy-like, glitters and stars and glued onto the nails.

3. @nailzcouture

(Done by: nailzcouture on Vanitee)

Using more dark colours such as black, purple and turquoise, this galaxy nail art design is ideal for those looking for a more mature and wearable look for everyday work place.

4. @nailsfifthavenue

(Done by: nailsfithavenue on Vanitee)

This galaxy nail art is created through designing layers of galaxy with different colours and texture. The bottom most layer is a straight jet black, followed by clear nail gel, and lastly gradient purple bejeweled with gems and sparkles. To create a more diverse look, there is also a slight geode nail art design invovled, using complimentary colours such as green and blue. This unique nail art look is surely a stunner.

We can’t wait to see you rock this new and trending galaxy nails soon!

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