Get Your Lashes Pumped Up Under $60

With a lifespan of only 4 weeks (which is about the same as a gel manicure),  costly lash extensions can burn quite a hole in your pocket! Check out these 4 quality eyelash extensions done by our Vanitee artists that cost $60 and below for budget-friendly options to achieving long, lush lashes.

1.Lisa (@lisalashandnails on Vanitee)

Price: $48

Done by: @lisalashandnails on Vanitee

Lisa offers an unlimited number of single strand extensions at a very affordable price! Her good service and patience has earned Lisa a high rating of 4.7 on Vanitee.

Alexis: (4 / 5)

“Really liked how my lashes turned out ! Thank you :)”

Purchase this service here.

2. Kimieilash (@kimieilash on Vanitee)

Price: $55

Done by: @kimieilash on Vanitee

@Kimieilash is offering single strand eyelash extension service with unlimited strands, where a single strand of synthetic lash is glued to each strand of your lash for natural-looking lashes. If you want longer and thicker lashes without looking like you extended your lashes, this one’s for you!

Nurul: (5 / 5)

“Kimie suggested the type of curls and length I should go for based on the description of lashes I wanted. I love how my lashes looks! Very pretty! I enjoyed the lashes removal session too. Kimie was very gentle and she really ensures that it’s cleaned thoroughly, leaving no residue behind.”

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3. Valerie (@luckylashbrow on Vanitee)

Price: $58

If you prefer a fuller and more luscious lush lash look, valerie from @luckylashbrow offers 3D natural eyelash extensions, where 3 high quality mink fur lashes will be attached to each of your natural lashes!

Choy: (5 / 5)

“Great service and reasonable pricing. The lashes were light and natural. She was delicate and efficient. No discomfort at all during the process. I would go back again for her services. This is my first time booking through Vanitee app.”

Purchase the service here.

4. Elayne (@elash on Vanitee)

Price: $60

@Elash is the sister branch of @emeraldallure and both are owned by Elayne, who clinched the title of Top Brow and Lash artist during Vanitee Awards 2016, so you know you’re getting the best here with her! The difference between  and @elash and @emeraldallure? @elash is a home-based beauty salon at Punggol while @emeraldallure is a beauty salon located at Roxy Square. If you’re a westie, fret not! Elayne is set to open another home-based beauty salon at Choa Chu Kang soon.

Anna: (5 / 5)

“I am so impressed with Elayne’s skill as it was done in less than an hour! Fast and efficient!”

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