Getting Back In Shape After The Holidays

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Hands up if one of your 2018 resolutions is a variant of “exercising more” or “losing weight”. That’s okay, because so is mine! But instead of letting our motivation peak right before CNY and then disappearing until 2019 comes around (we all know that’s right), here are some easy tips to stay motivated throughout your year of chasing a fitter, better you!


Here’s a GIF of a determined puppy climbing up the stairs – if he can do it, so can you!

Don’t think about the fact that the last time you exercised was 3 months ago. That defeatist mentality will get you nowhere. Instead, think about the fact that the next time you’re going to exercise is right now, and get changed into your workout gear and head outside. Trust me, the hardest part is getting out of your door. Once your feet hit the pavement, let’s face it – you’ve already gone through too much trouble to just head back home.

This could be signing up for a run with your friends, or telling yourself that you must fit into the bikini you bought in a size too small because it looked too good to resist and it doesn’t matter that it’s too small because I’ll lose weight to fit into it. Yes, we all have that one outfit which we never manage to fit into. But why not make 2018 the year?

Our body works best with routine, so if you do 15 minutes of yoga every morning for 21 days, you’ll start feeling odd if you stop on the 22nd. Setting aside a period of time for exercise is more likely to get you to stick to it, rather than “oh I’ll go for a run if it doesn’t rain/if I don’t do OT/if xxx”.

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Do note that treatment results vary depending on the number of sessions. 


Exercise is a great thing and should be embraced by everyone – let 2018 be the year you become fitter and faster!

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